Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eggplant with Shrimp Bagoong Healthy Food Recipes

Eggplant vegetable plant


Talong|Eggplant- 1/4kilo
Shrimp Bagoong-6tablespoon

Soy sauce|Patis
Cooking Oil
Magic sarap|Ajinomoto


1. Fry Garlic, Onions then Bagoong in hot cooking oil.
2. When its brown put the slices eggplants and mixes it.
3. Add a little vinegar then soy sauce|patis mix.
4. Put some water wait until the eggplant turns brown.
5. Add salt and magic sarap|Ajinomoto. Set aside.

Tips to improve the taste of this recipe:

Bagoong or Sauteed Shrimp paste1.) If you are confused what is "Bagoong". It is actually a sauteed shrimp paste. To improve the seafood aroma of this recipe, you should choose quality shrimp paste. The one which is placed inside a can and not from anywhere else.

Mostly you can buy this in the mall supermarket and not in the public supermarket stores.

2.) One of the most recommended soy sauce to be used are SilverSwan soy sauce and Camel Soy Sauce. This is the leading soy sauce and the most popular sauce in the Philippines. You can buy this in any store even local sari2x stores.

3.) However if you are allergic to shrimps, you can always buy a bagoong which is not based on shrimp but fish. For example this one:

Fish bagoong

Have a wonderful day! Thank you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ampalaya with Eggs Recipes

ampalaya recipe

Important note: Ampalaya in English means "Bitter melons".


Cooking Oil


1. Cut ampalaya into small pieces. Do not include the seeds.
2. Put it in a big plate then add some salt, little water and mix by your hands.
3 Separate the ampalaya from the water then put it to the other plate.
4. Prepare your garlic and onions cut it into small pieces.
5. In your big pan put cooking oil when it's hot put the garlic then the onion.
6. Put the ampalaya do not mix it just scatters the ampalaya to fit it to your pan.
7. After 4minutes put the egg yolk & white. Mix it.
8. Taste the ampalaya first then add salt and ajinomoto to have taste. Set aside.

Update: Important tips that can increase the quality of this recipe:

1.) You can as well as add shrimps to ampalaya. This is how it looks like:

2.) Some native Filipino way of cooking ampalaya with eggs do include some little soup on it. Put some small amount of water and add lemon grass. The smell of this soup is fantastic and also it will lessen the bitter taste of ampalaya.

3.) Look for bitter melons that are hand-picked directly from their gardens. It is because I find this fresh and less with toxic chemicals from fertilizers.

completed ampalaya food with eggs

Important health benefits:

In Filipino folklore, ampalaya is good food supplement for cleaning the blood. This is how my parents and grand parents told me. I did some research on the scientific basis of this claim and found out that it is true.

There are other benefits such as lowering the blood sugar level which acts like an insulin.

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Noodles Soup Recipes

Bihon | Sutanghon soup

Introduction: I am inspired to cook noodles soup recipes after I have watched Kung Fu panda. Anyway, there is no secret ingredients here. You can add more styles to your cooking in the tips section.


Pork or Shrimp
Magic sarap
Patis|soy sauce


1. Fried the garlic Onion
2. Next add Pork Shrimp
3. Put some water wait until it will boil.
4. Add Sutanghun|Bihon, carrots and cabbage (cut it in small pieces).
5 Finally, add magic sarap and soy sauce.

Update: August 12, 2011
To make your Noodle Soup as delicious as possible:

1.)You can always sprinkle it with Chinese pepper powder to have that Chinese cuisine aroma. This is how it looks like:

chinese pepper

2.)If you want your noodle soup to be rich in proteins, you can add a hard-boiled egg to the recipe.

easy noodle soup

Have some fun! Thank you.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Easy to Cook Filipino Style Beef Recipes

Delicious beef recipes


1/2kg Beef, sliced thinly
3pcs Lemoncito/Calamansi
Soy sauce
Evaporated milk
Knorr Beef Broth Cube
Lemon grass

lemon grass


1. Marinate beef with lemoncito/Calamansi and soy sauce for 30minutes. Set aside.
2. Heat margarine in a pan and fry marinated beef until brown. Add onions.
3. Sprinkle flour and cook for 2minutes.
4. Add milk and put Knorr Beef Broth Cube. Simmer for 2minutes.
5. Chop the lemon grass into very tiny details and sprinkle it to the beef while in the pan with moderate heat.
6. Stop the fire once you smell the fresh aroma of lemon grass.

Serve with hot rice. And it will not only smells good due to lemon grass but very delicious.

Update: August 11, 2011

Additional Cooking Tips:

1.) For best results, marinate up to 4 hours. This will significantly improve the taste of the beef because the marinating ingredients would penetrate to the beef meat very well.For even better results, you can marinate overnight by placing it on your refrigerator. I have observed this to a great factor in significantly improving the quality of the results.

2.) Soy sauce is my personal choice since I am more adopted to it when cooking. But if you have Worcestershire sauce you can as well use it when marinating beef.
sauce for marinating beef

3.) You can as well try frying the marinated beef with canola oil and the results would taste great and less fatty in my experience.

Enjoy your day! Thank you for your time.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lechon Kawali Recipe

lechon kawali recipe
Simple recipes for all of us.


Pork belly
Chili pepper (for sauce)
Cooking Oil
Lemoncito (for sauce)


1. Cut pork belly in normal size, place in your big pot, and cover with water, add garlic, pepper and salt.
2. Boil it with a low volume of fire and simmer wait until the meat is tender.
3. Drain.
4. Deep fry and wait until you'll see the brown color of the meat. Set aside.

Now see the results of your hard work. It's time to eat Lechon Kawali with your loved ones.

The following are the important quality tips to get the best results in cooking lechon kawali:

1.) Use cooking oil designed for deep fry. There are a lot of cooking coils that can do this. A good example is canola and vegetable oils. These type of oils can withstand very high cooking temperatures which is ideal for deep frying.

Vegetable oil

2.) Use proper cooking utensils when deep frying. For example this deep fryer (ideal for cooking large amounts of lechon kawali):

deep fryer
Credits: Ian Wallace
3.) Use only the highest quality pork sold in reputable meat shops.
4.) Maintain stable temperature in the deep fry. The optimal cooking temperature for lechon kawali is when you dropped a tiny of breading mix to the cooking, it should turn brown in 60 seconds.

5.) Try not to cook to much meat at once, this will lower the oil temperature thus affecting the quality of the results.

How to make a sauce of Lechon Kawali:

Please combine all the ingredients (Soy sauce or patis, Lemoncito, Chili pepper ( not applicable for kids). If you have time please visit my other simple recipes here . Thank you so much for your time. And enjoy your day.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fried Chicken Wings Recipes

Fried chicken wings

1 cup flour
1/2 kilo chicken wings
3cups oil for frying (see cooking oil tips below)
McCormick Korean BBQ Seasoning mix
3/4 water

1. Pour flour into plastic bag
2. Moisten chicken wings with water
3. Shake moistened chicken in the plastic bag until evenly coated.
4. Deep fry until golden brown
5. Combine McCormick Korean BBQ seasoning mix, water and cornstarch in your pan.
6. Boil it stir continuously until thick.
7. Coat fried chicken into glaze.

Tips for quality cooking and great tasting fried chicken:

1.) One of the best cooking oil for fried chicken is Canola oil. If you are planning for great tasting and less fatty results, this cooking oil is the solution. I do not heard much about Canola oil here in Philippines, but I can buy it in some big stores and malls like in SM and Ayala cebu groceries.

2.) You should heat the oil as much as possible before putting the chicken.

3.) For chicken meat, select younger chickens as they have much tender meat. Older chicken meat is hard to eat based on my experience.

4.) If you would like your chicken wings to have that brown color, you should use cast iron skillet. This is how it looks like:

Cast iron skillet for fried chicken

Finally after cooking the results would be like this:

Completed fried chicken wings
photo credits:

Update: Actually if you like to have a "hot and spicy" style Fried chicken you need to add black pepper as the key ingredient. Include it in the mix above and your friend chicken will taste spicy.

ground black pepper

Thank you.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Crispy pata recipe

Pork leg (pata)
One bottle 7up or sprite
Soy sauce
Cooking Oil

* Clean pork leg (pata) slit the skin be creative.
* Put the pata in your kettle.
* Add water,7UP or sprite, and salt( be sure to measure the quantity with each of them).
* Wait until it will boil and then add the baking soda ( not much).
* Add more water if the pata is not yet cooked. Don't over cook the pata. ( Not so soft to touch). When it is finish drain it.
* Wipe the pata in clean cloth to make it dry. Do your best to make the pata dry.
* Before you start to fry put soy sauce all around your pata.
* Sprinkle flour generously in pata.
* Deep fry the pata till you'll see the color of golden brown.
* Turn off the heat and take off the crispy pata from your pan.
* Put a little water in heat crispy pata to make the skin crispier.
* Congratulations you are done.

"How to make a sauce of your crispy pata"
Soy sauce
Red hot chili
Combine Lemoncito,soy sauce,onions,vinegar and red hot chili

Enjoy your meal!!! Good luck everyday!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ground Pork with Eggplant Recipes

Delicious eggplant recipe with pork
ground pork 1/4kilo
Soy sauce
Cooking oil

1. Fry the pork when it's brown set aside.
2. Cut the eggplant into small pieces.
3. Prepare the garlic and onions.
4. In your pan put some cooking oil apply heat then put the garlic when it turns brown followed by onions. Mix it.
5. Add the pork, put some vinegar in a minute followed by the soy sauce. Mix it.
6. Add the eggplant mix it in a minute put some water. After that if you need to add more water then do it but not much.
7. After that when the eggplant turn’s brown it means it is done. So it is time to put some taste add salt and ajinomoto.
8. Finally turn off the fire and prepare it for your family.

Important note when cooking eggplant recipes: I observed there are a lot of people who are allergic to eggplant. You can some details here:

Actually you should be consulting your doctor before you include some eggplant in your diet.

The following are the important tips that can increase the quality of your eggplant recipe with ground pork:

1.) Quality of ground pork is important. Get it from reputable meat stores like Monterey. This will minimize the chances of buying a not-so-fresh meat which of course can affect the quality of your cooking.

2.) Quality of eggplant is very important. I suggest buying in your local store instead in malls because its cheaper and fresh. Do not be confused with eggplants coming from different countries. They are just the same. However I noticed a difference in the physical appearance of the eggplant grown in the Philippines and abroad. This is how the eggplant in the Philippines would look like(longer):

eggplant grown in Philippines

This is an eggplant grown in US and Europe:

eggplant grown in US

3) Wash the eggplant thoroughly because it can contain some pesticides or insecticides which are very harmful when included in your foods. Also beware of eating vegetables raw because sometimes you really need to be sure that its bacteria-free (which can be solved by cooking).

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for your time.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Recipe for Chicken Soup

manok sabaw recipe

Chicken Drumstick...
String beans...
Bell pepper...
magic sarap/ajinomoto...

1. Put some salt in chicken drumstick.
2. In your big pan put the chicken and drumstick then add water on it heat till the chicken will be tender.
3. Then add first the gabe after 3minutes followed by the bell pepper, string beans and is the petchay.
4. finally, add some salt and magic sarap or ajinomoto. Set aside. You can eat now.

Good luck everyday.!!!

About this special recipe:

I just observed that this recipe is very popular in birthday celebration among Filipinos. This is the most traditional way of celebrating birthdays and it should have a chicken soup in its dinner table.

To those that are not familiar with the Filipino culture. Every time someone celebrates his or her birthday, the family members will cook one chicken for the celebrant and put some blood from the chicken to the forehead of the birthday celebrant. The purpose of doing this is to protect the birthday celebrant from any evil spirits that will ruin his/her future. It is some sort of ritual as you might expect. Actually its not that weird, no long prayers, etc. Just simply putting a sign of cross in the forehead of the celebrant using chicken blood. That's it.

Filipino birthday

For best tasting results, I recommend buying a native chicken (those that are obtained in the wild or cultured in the wild/forestal area) as they have less fats, their meat taste good and their soup taste really fresh.

another example of chicken soup

Chinese Rice Soup Recipe

Filipino Chinese rice soup preparation

Short introduction to this delicious Filipino food recipe: 

In Cebuano language, this is called "puspas" or it can be called informally as "lugaw with manok". It is actually a very healthy recipe because it is complete in vitamins and minerals. Rice is rich in carbohydrates and the presence of chicken makes it rich in protein. Asparagus is rich in potassium, vitamin C and vitamin C.


Chicken meat...
Magic sarap/ajinomoto...

1. In your kettle put the rice and add more water.
2. Rice must be tender.
3. In preparing the chicken meat, put some salt and take off the skin of the meat and put magic sarap.
4. In your kettle Chicken must be boiling for about 10minutes then set aside. When it is cold, the Chicken meat must be cut it into small take off the skeleton.
5. When the rice is tender add the chicken meat the small pieces.
6. Add the asparagus.

This is how the asparagus looks like (in case those that are familiar, it is nice to have a picture):

This is how the asparagus looks like

7. After 4minutes you have to put salt and magic sarap to add some taste of your puspas or lugaw. Then set aside.

Update (September 7, 2011):

Below are some tips to make this recipe taste more delicious:

1.) Use a fresh, well cleaned rice. If possible, please use a more expensive rice quality because it has bigger grains and cleaner.

2.) Use a fresh chicken as it is a strong factor in the final taste. Use fresh chicken supplied by reputable meat shops like Monterey. The best part of the chicken are the low fat sections such as the drum stick(chicken legs) and wings.

It is actually a very simple, healthy and delicious recipe. Thank you.

Delicious rice soup foods

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Raw Fish Red Mullet or Salmonete Recipes

salmonete fish recipe

Some short introduction to this very delicious recipe: This is also known as "kinilaw na salmonete" in Cebuano. One of the best fish for kinilaw recipe. Actually if you can manage to obtain a very sour vinegar (preferably native vinegar); it will blend nicely with the red mullet meat.

Fish Red Mullet with coconut milk Recipes
Coconut milk
Red Mullet or Salmonetes-1kilo
Calamansi juice

1. Clean red mullet take off scales, fish bones and fish head.

Tips on removing the red mullet fish scales:
a.) Use a paring knife or a fish scale remover. This is how the fish scale remover would look like:

fish scale remover

If do not have a fish scale remover, you can use a paring knife. Be extra careful with removing the scales particularly with a paring knife or your thumb.

b.) Use a lot of running water while you are removing the fish scales of a red mullet.
c.) Clean the red mullet.

2. Chop fish red mullet in small sizes.
3. Peel ginger, onions and mince.
4. Chop tomato same size of fish red mullet.
5. To make coconut milk, put ground coconut in a bowl add 1 cup of vinegar and squeeze the ground coconut to produce the coconut milk. Separate ground coconut from coconut milk. Filter coconut milk to catch the remaining ground coconut.

Cooking process:
1. In a bowl with chopped fish red mullet add ginger, onions and tomato.
2. Add salt and ajinomoto to have taste.
3. Add coconut milk and mix it well.
4. Add calamansi juice. Always use the natural calamansi juice, those that you can extract directly from the calamansi fruit and not from inside the can (with preservatives).
5. Taste and if it is needed add more vinegar.
6. Wait for 5 minutes before serving.

Step1: Don’t add water to the recipe mix because it will not taste good.
Step3: Always squeeze out the remaining water of the fish red mullet.
Step2: Raw fish recipe is great at the beach.

Thank you!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fried Chicken Recipe

Fried chicken

Chicken drum stick...
Breading mix...
Cooking oil...
Banana ketchup...

Wash the chicken drum stick well.
Place drum stick into the plate or plastic with the breading mix inside.
Mix well until drum stick has covered with breading mix.
In your big pan put more cooking oil heat it. Be sure that the drum stick is deep fry.
Then place the drum stick into the pan with the hot cooking oil.
Wait for 15-20mins.
When its turn brown. Set aside.
Finally eat it. It is best to have sauce like banana ketchup it can add more taste with your fried chicken.

fried chicken results

Hope I can help you. Good luck everyday. Thank you.

Update (August 4, 2011): Fried chicken is sometimes oily, I suggest for higher quality cooking you will not be reusing the cooking oil if its already used. For raw drumstick chicken select for brands known for its quality meat such as Magnolia chicken and Monterey. One of the issues with fried chicken is that if its not fully cooked there is still blood on the bones section of your drumstick. The primary cause of this problem is that either the oil is not too deep or you are not cooking it within the optimal minutes.

Cooking deep fry is very important, make sure that oil is deep and the chicken meat is completely submerged, such as shown in the screenshot below. Do not also forget to cook around 15 to 20 minutes per side of the drumstick for optimal cooking at medium heat.

Fried chicken is one of my most favorite food because it is rich in following vitamins and minerals:

1.) Proteins - chicken meat is one of the best sources of proteins.
2.) Potassium and sodium - this is an important body electrolyte
3.) Phosphorous

Although the following are the downside of fried chicken meal:

1.) Some fat and cholesterol

If you are strict in losing fats, then you might avoid some rich in fats like fried chicken and other meal.

deep fry pan with chicken

Monday, April 28, 2008


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Malunggay with Monggo or Mungbeans Recipes

malunggay with monggo recipe


Malunggay leaves
Cooking oil
Msg or ajinomoto

1. Put the mongoes in a kettle and add water level to mongoes and cook. It takes 30minutes to make mongoes become tender and dry. Set aside and crush the mongoes.
2. In another pan put cooking oil and heat add mince garlic and mince onions.
3. Add crushed mongoes and mix then put water level with the mongoes.
4. When it’s boiling add the malunggay leaves, add salt and msg or ajinomoto to have taste.
5. Serve immediately.

Step1: When you cook mongoes don’t cover the kettle to avoid scum. Always add water until it is tender and let it dry.
Step2: Remember malunggay leaves will quickly cook in hot water. No need to apply more heat.
Step3: Soup must be hot while serving.

delicious monggos with malunggay

Thank you!

Update: August 4, 2011 - Actually if you are non-Filipino you will find it hard to buy or to get to know what is "malunggay, I often received a lot of questions about this from other readers. In English, "malunggay" is also known as "moringa". Its not actually common of course in very cold countries. Moringa growns in tropical and sub-tropical climates.

Moringa is rich with the folliwng vitamins and minerals:

1.) Rich in anti-oxidants.
2.) Vitamin C
3.) Magnesium
4.) Calcium.
5.) Phosphorus
6.) Vitamin A

You can read more about the nutritional contents of moringa here:

Monggo in english is also known as "Mung bean". You can buy these in stores and of course cooking can take a lot of time to soften it. I suggest that before you can go very hungry you will need to soften this mung bean in advance in boiling water so that you won't have to wait for long minutes.

If you are cooking it immediately without having it to soften much, then you will have a hard time eating the mung bean. Mung bean is rich with the following vitamins and minerals:

1.) Phosphorous
2.) Magnesium
3.) Calcium
4.) Vitamin C
5.) Vitamin K

Mung bean can be used with different types of soup. Here in Philippines, it is much common to mix mung beans with chicken soup, fish as well as pork.

Mung bean is also very cheap for around 30 pesos you can cook it for around 3 to 5 times for a medium sized family.

Related link:
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ngohiong Recipe

ngohiong recipe

Jícama | Singkamas
Ngohiong Powder
Green bell pepper
Ground pork
Lumpia wrapper
Cooking Oil

1. Peel jicama or singkamas mince it 2inches thinly.
2. Take off the seeds for Green bell pepper and cut it the same size of the singkamas.
3. Peel garlic, onions and mince.
4. Put flour in a bowl and mix with water. Flour must be thick to stick.
5. Prepare the lumpia wrapper to separate each. Set aside.

Cooking process:
1. Combine ground pork, green bell pepper, Jicama or singkamas, onions, garlic and mix it well.
2. Add ngohiong powder, salt and ajinomoto to have taste.
3. Wrap all mixed ingredients in lumpia or ngohiong wrapper.
4. In a pan heat cooking oil and add wrapped ngohiong into the heat cooking oil.
5. Deep fry the wrapped ngohiong.
6. Serve immediately.

How to make ngohiong sauce:
1. Peel onions and mince put in a plate.
2. Add vinegar, soy sauce and tiny chili pepper.
3. Add calamansi juice to smells good.

Final ngohiong after cooking

Step1: Ngohiong powder is available at department store. Ask the clerk there.

Easy and delicious Chinese ngohiong Recipes. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spaghetti food Recipes

Spaghetti recipe in Filipino style


Spaghetti pasta
Spaghetti sauce
Ground beef or pork
Hot dog
Cheddar cheese
Soy sauce
Cooking Oil


1. In a big pan add water, salt to have taste and cooking oil to avoid spaghetti pasta not stick to each other.

2. Bring to a boil, add spaghetti pasta to cook.

3. Touch the pasta if it is tender it is cooked.

4. Separate cooked pasta from the water and put it in a big bowl or Tupperware.

5. Peel garlic, onions and mince.

6. Chop hotdog in circle and thin size.

7. Grind Cheddar Cheese.

Cooking process of Spaghetti Sauce:

1. In a pan heat cooking oil sauté garlic, onions and add ground beef or pork.

2. Add some vinegar and soy sauce into the ground beef or pork and mix it.

3. When it is golden brown, add the Spaghetti Sauce and mix it.

4. Turn Lower heat. Set aside.

Combining Sauce and Spaghetti Pasta:
1. In a big bowl with cooked spaghetti pasta on the top, add hotdog slices.

2. Add Spaghetti sauce and add half of grind cheddar cheese. Mix it very well to absorb all the pasta.

3. On the top add the remaining grind cheddar cheese.

4. Serve immediately.
resulting spaghetti

Step1: Don’t over cook the spaghetti pasta.

Step2: It is good if you will add more cheddar cheese in spaghetti.

Step3: The Spaghetti sauce must be more than your spaghetti pasta.

Update (August 4, 2011): Well, spaghetti is not only limited to pork meat. You can as well mix with sea foods such as crab meat, shrimps and other delicious crustaceans such as oysters.

If you like to be Filipino style cooking, I suggest you will mix it with sea foods such as those mention above. The following are the important factors that can influence the quality of spaghetti:

1.) The brand of cheese and pasta.

2.) The amount of cheese and spaghetti sauce.

3.) The type of meat added (sea foods or pork).

I hope you had a wonderful day! Thank you for your time!

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