Monday, November 10, 2008

Ampalaya with Eggs Recipes

ampalaya recipe

Important note: Ampalaya in English means "Bitter melons".


Cooking Oil


1. Cut ampalaya into small pieces. Do not include the seeds.
2. Put it in a big plate then add some salt, little water and mix by your hands.
3 Separate the ampalaya from the water then put it to the other plate.
4. Prepare your garlic and onions cut it into small pieces.
5. In your big pan put cooking oil when it's hot put the garlic then the onion.
6. Put the ampalaya do not mix it just scatters the ampalaya to fit it to your pan.
7. After 4minutes put the egg yolk & white. Mix it.
8. Taste the ampalaya first then add salt and ajinomoto to have taste. Set aside.

Update: Important tips that can increase the quality of this recipe:

1.) You can as well as add shrimps to ampalaya. This is how it looks like:

2.) Some native Filipino way of cooking ampalaya with eggs do include some little soup on it. Put some small amount of water and add lemon grass. The smell of this soup is fantastic and also it will lessen the bitter taste of ampalaya.

3.) Look for bitter melons that are hand-picked directly from their gardens. It is because I find this fresh and less with toxic chemicals from fertilizers.

completed ampalaya food with eggs

Important health benefits:

In Filipino folklore, ampalaya is good food supplement for cleaning the blood. This is how my parents and grand parents told me. I did some research on the scientific basis of this claim and found out that it is true.

There are other benefits such as lowering the blood sugar level which acts like an insulin.

Have a wonderful day!


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