Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Raw Fish Red Mullet or Salmonete Recipes

salmonete fish recipe

Some short introduction to this very delicious recipe: This is also known as "kinilaw na salmonete" in Cebuano. One of the best fish for kinilaw recipe. Actually if you can manage to obtain a very sour vinegar (preferably native vinegar); it will blend nicely with the red mullet meat.

Fish Red Mullet with coconut milk Recipes
Coconut milk
Red Mullet or Salmonetes-1kilo
Calamansi juice

1. Clean red mullet take off scales, fish bones and fish head.

Tips on removing the red mullet fish scales:
a.) Use a paring knife or a fish scale remover. This is how the fish scale remover would look like:

fish scale remover

If do not have a fish scale remover, you can use a paring knife. Be extra careful with removing the scales particularly with a paring knife or your thumb.

b.) Use a lot of running water while you are removing the fish scales of a red mullet.
c.) Clean the red mullet.

2. Chop fish red mullet in small sizes.
3. Peel ginger, onions and mince.
4. Chop tomato same size of fish red mullet.
5. To make coconut milk, put ground coconut in a bowl add 1 cup of vinegar and squeeze the ground coconut to produce the coconut milk. Separate ground coconut from coconut milk. Filter coconut milk to catch the remaining ground coconut.

Cooking process:
1. In a bowl with chopped fish red mullet add ginger, onions and tomato.
2. Add salt and ajinomoto to have taste.
3. Add coconut milk and mix it well.
4. Add calamansi juice. Always use the natural calamansi juice, those that you can extract directly from the calamansi fruit and not from inside the can (with preservatives).
5. Taste and if it is needed add more vinegar.
6. Wait for 5 minutes before serving.

Step1: Don’t add water to the recipe mix because it will not taste good.
Step3: Always squeeze out the remaining water of the fish red mullet.
Step2: Raw fish recipe is great at the beach.

Thank you!

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