Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fresh Pancit or noodles with mushroom food recipes


Fresh pancit- 1/4kilo
Mushroom- 50grams
Mix vegetables (carrots, cabbage, green bell pepper, and chayote) - ¼ kilo
Lemon-1 pc.
Garlic- 3pcs.
Onions- ½ pc.
Cooking Oil- 3 tablespoon
Soy sauce- 5 tablespoon
Brown sugar- 1 tablespoon
Black pepper- ½ tablespoon
Water-3 cups

Cooking Instructions:

1. Wash fresh pancit with hot water to minimize the salty taste.

2.  Dip mushroom with water to tenderize, after 1 minute chop and return the chopped mushroom into the water.

3.  There are available mixed vegetables at grocery stores and it is chopped. Wash the vegetables.

4. Peel and mince garlic and onions.

5. Heat the pan with cooking oil and then sauté minced garlic and onions.

6. Add chopped mushroom and then mix and after 1 minute,

7. Add mixed vegetables mix again, and then add soy sauce.

8. Add 3 cups of water let it boil until mushroom and vegetables smells fragrant and becomes tender.

9. Add brown sugar to taste sweet, and then add the fresh pancit, mix well.

10. If you think it needs to add more water, then do it but add slowly, to make sure that fresh pancit will tenderize.

11. Turn heat over low volume, then taste the food and continue to mix.

12. Chop lemon then squeeze the juice into the food and the mix well. Set aside the ½ piece of lemon to put on the top.

13. Lastly, add black pepper to taste hotness and smell freshness. Turn off heat then take the food out from pan to avoid over cooked. Transfer and put in a big plate. Put the remaining lemon. You can serve immediately.


This recipe is critical when it comes to taste because, fresh pancit contains salt already. 
So be aware to put more salt or any condiments to prevent saltiness of this recipe.

Lemon juice is sour so it is important to limit the sour taste; it is not good for the health because of the acids contains.

Fresh pancit is half cooked, when cooking control the heat to maintain the freshness of the food.

This recipe is quite healthy because there is no meat ingredient, instead of using mushroom as substitution of the meat. 

Mushroom is available in all grocery stores, without mushroom your recipe is not working well. The taste is not good.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Methods to cook low fats and or fat- free

Wine or fruit juice

When you cook like grill, bake, microwave or steam foods use wine or fruit juice to replace oil.

Buy quality cookware

There is available quality cookware in department stores, the price is expensive but it uses will last long if you take good care of it.

When making sauces

If you use ground meat, dry the meat to golden brown, drain off all the excess fats, before adding the other ingredients. If it needs to add oil for cooking, choose which is high in unsaturates such as corn, sun flower, olive or rapeseed oil. Use little if possible.

When baking low fat cakes

Use good quality bake ware, which doesn’t need to add oil before use or use non-stick baking paper and only lightly grease before lining.

When baking foods

Such as chicken or fish, try to bake the food in a loosely sealed parcel of foil or greaseproof paper. Before sealing the food, add wine or fruits juice, herbs and spices.

When grilling foods

Fat is often unnecessary. If the food shows sign of drying, brush with a small amount of unsaturated oil such as corn oil and sun flower.

Microwave foods

Fat is rarely needed. Just add herbs and spices for extra flavour and colour.

Steaming or boiling foods

It is easy fat- free cooking method especially foods like vegetables, fish and chicken.

Poaching foods

Cook the food such as chicken, fish and fruit in stock or syrup. It is another easy fat-free cooking method.

Braising vegetables in the oven

Add low fat or fat-free stock, wine or water and add herbs.

To Sauté Vegetables

Add fat-free stock, wine or fruit juice.

To Cook vegetables in a covered saucepan

Add little water over a low heat; vegetables can cook its own juice.

Marinate foods

Such as meat or poultry, mix it with an alcohol, herbs or spices and vinegar or fruit juice. This will tenderize the meat and add flavour and colour. The marinade can be used to moisten during cooking.

Serving vegetables 

Such as boiled potatoes, carrots or peas, add or sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs or ground spices. Avoid adding butter or margarine.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To eat high fats food is easy than to do daily exercise is difficult: Don’t be a loser fight to burn your fats!

There in fats food are delicious to eat.
Food is everywhere because we eat everyday and the demands are too many. Before you eat, ask yourself if it is a healthy food and decide not to eat if it is give risk to your health.

There are a big percentage of fat people than those with normal weight because once fats food is not being use it will store in the belly. Don’t dare to let the fats stores in your belly, it destroys your beauty. You will always be beautiful if you are fit.Why is fat important because it is the source of energy.

The disadvantage when you’re fat is your day is not productive. Fat people want to sleep and rest because of the fats in your belly or in any parts that store of the body. After you eat your meal you feel sleepy and instead you have lots of work to do, your eyes will close and you’ll sleep.

When you wake up, you feel hungry again because the food that you eat was digested; you eat again until all the fats stores all over your body. Is it really what you want to live unhealthy? Or you stand up and burn your fats.

Try to observe real rich people like entrepreneurs they are fit, and they are not fat because they are busy of their business. And if I were you, if you have problem with controlling your eating habits try to divert your mind into other things that makes you enjoy.

Like for instance, playing with kids and or pets, gardening, playing your favorite sports, reading books, playing instruments and the most important make a habit that will burn your fats.

Accept your weakness that you can’t escape to eat fats food like butter, margarine, hard fats found in beef and pork. Pies, whole milk, cream, hard cheese, lard, salad dressings, fried food, fried chips, French fries, crisps, tortilla chips, fried snacks, chocolate cakes, muffins, doughnuts, sweet pastries, biscuits with chocolate flavored.
These foods are so yummy!
Wait! You can eat all these but challenge yourself to burn the fats! If not you are as big as a Bear!

The reason why people don’t miss to eat meal, to stay alive! To live in this world is a challenge to survive not to eat to become fats. To eat in a healthy way is to live longer. Fat or obsess people die early at their 40’s-50’s years of age because of heart attack.

Do you want this happen to you?

You make money to buy food for you and your family, just to make sure that you buy and eat healthy food or else your money is going to buy medicine.

Medicine is expensive than the food you eat and to think it is a waste of money. Your hard work is not effective because the minerals you mine are not intended for a better purpose.

Instead of having a great plan with your family to go for a vacation; it is being postponed due to health condition.

It is not easy to maintain healthy food to eat due to have a busy work. As long as the stomach must fill in food it is fine. Like for instance, a sales clerk in a bakery they don’t usually cook food at home, because anytime they can eat bread. As a result of eating bread always the belly stores lots of fats.

This woman is my big sister, she is currently working as sales clerk in Julie’s bakes shop and now it has new name Mang Tinapay.

I am concern of her health because she had two little children and she told me that she had arthritis and her one hand can not feel. I weighed her she is 79-80 kilos and her height is only 5’0 so, she is over weight.

One time I challenged her to go exercise and once her weight decreases I gave her money as a reward, I did that for her strong motivation that time she was excited but she did not made it because after her work she lied down and sleep.

Fortunately, she is healthy now because my mother is always cooking vegetables soup and she is eating well. I do hope that someday she will realize how important to take good care of health.

Guys if you want change make it now or else you will regret for the rest of your life. Being fat is not bad but obesity is a sin because God made you to be a healthy person not a sick one.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fresh pancit with lemon recipe


Fresh Pancit-1/4kilo
Lemon-1 pc.
Black Fungus- 50grams
Cooking Oil- 4 table spoon
Soy sauce- 10ml
Brown sugar- 2 tablespoon
Garlic- 1pc.
Onions- 1pc.
Black pepper-1 teaspoon

Cooking Instructions:

1. Wash fresh pancit to avoid its saltiness.

2. Wash and chop black fungus.

3. Peel carrots and chop in thin size, and also peel garlic then mince and chop onions.

4. Heat big pan then add cooking oil to sauté garlic and onions.

5. Add black fungus mix and then after 2 minutes add chopped carrots then mix.

6. Add soy sauce mix again, and then add cups of water to cook enough with black fungus and carrots.

7. Touch the carrots and black fungus if it is tender. If it is needed, add more cups of water and continue mixing.

8. Once the vegetable becomes tender, add the fresh pancit and mix well.

9. Add brown sugar mix again and then taste.

10. If it needs salt put a little or add soy sauce and then add black pepper.

11. Turn off the heat and then slice the lemon and then squeeze to extract the juice to the cooked pancit then mix.

12. Put some fresh lemon at the top of the pancit. Serve immediately.

Fresh pancit is available at your near public market, it costs cheap.

Wash the fresh pancit with hot water because it fasts to remove the salt taste.

Black fungus needs more time to cook and to becomes tender so; add cups of water if it’s needed.

Don’t drain your pancit to avoid the vegetables will stick on the pan.

This recipe is best during lunch time with hot rice with pandan leaf.

To make palitaw with glutinous rice recipe


Glutinous rice flour-500grams
Grated coconut-1/4kilo
Refined sugar- 1/4kilo
Water-1 cup

Cooking Instructions:

1.  Mix glutinous rice flour with 1cup of water, if it is needed to add more water put little by little. Make sure the finished mixed glutinous rice flour is dry.

2.  Take a little amount of mixed glutinous rice flour and form a circle and then flattened the circle shape. Make it all flattened circle shape.

3.  In a big pan add 4 cups of water, it let boil and while it is boiling add the flatted circle glutinous rice flour.

4. To make sure that it is cooked; just wait until the circle glutinous rice flour floats.

5. Take it cooked glutinous rice flour out from the boiling water and put it in a big plate.

6. Put cold water to the cooked glutinous rice flour to let it cool.

7. Cook remaining flattened circle glutinous rice flour with the same instructions.

8. When all are done and cool, put the cooked glutinous rice flour in another plate, to let it dry.

9. Mix the cooked glutinous rice flour one by one with refined sugar and then mix it with the grated coconut.

10. If you want more sweets add refined sugar on the top of the glutinous recipe flour.

Glutinous rice flour is a powder made from sticky rice. It is available to buy in any big grocery stores.

Grated coconut must be fresh because once, it is bought the day before, it smells not fresh.

The cooking instructions is long, the best thing to easily understand is to identify the keywords.

If you are business minded person, you can make large of quantity of this recipe and sell it to your neighbors at 8-10pesos each.

I believe this recipe is so popular in other countries.

This recipe is called palitaw in Philippines, and it is good to eat in the morning, with hot cocoa chocolate.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Recipes for Pork filipino style cooking

Ginamay of pork meat

Lean pork meat- 1kilo
Gabi vegetables-1pc.
Cooking oil- 3tablespoon
Tomato Ketchup- 6table spoon
Vinegar- 2table spoon
Soy sauce- 4table spoon
Onion- 1pc.

Cooking Instructions:

1. Cut pork meat in cubes. Separate the fats parts.
2. Peel carrots and gabi vegetables and cut in cubes shape.

3.  Peel garlic and mince, then chop onions.

4. In your big pan apply heat and add cooking oil, add fat of pork to fry and squeeze all fats and when it is done, set aside.

5. In the same pan, remove a little amount of cooking oil, and then add minced garlic and onions to sauté.

6. Add the lean pork meat turn heat over medium volume, and mix.

7. Add vinegar wait for 2 minutes, then add the soy sauce then mix again.

8. Add chopped carrots and gabi vegetables, and add 1 cup of water to cook the vegetables.

9. When pork meat and vegetables becomes tender, add the tomato ketchup, and then mix again.

10. Last, taste the recipe and then add salt and pepper.

11. Serve immediately.

In this recipe you can add lemon grass soup. Instead of ordinary cups of water you substitute it to lemons grass soup.

To make lemon grass soup just boil the lemon grass then use the soup for this recipe.

Always buy pork meat at your public market at early in the morning, to avail the fresh meat.

This recipe is best to prepare during fiestas, weddings and birthdays. Increase the amount of pork when you buy to have supply of needs of your visitors.

When you serve keep the hot recipe to preserve the freshness. 


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to cook rice recipe with pandan leaf


White rice- 2 cups
Pandan leaf- 1pc.
Water- 2 cups of water

Cooking Instructions:

1. In a rice cooker or in a pan wash the 2 cups of rice. Drain the rice.

2. Wash Pandan leaf and then tangle it.

3. Add 2 cups of water into the rice, at the top put the tangled pandan leaf.

4. Bring to boil over in a medium heat. You’ll smell the fragrance of pandan leaf. Do not cover the pan.

5. If the water drains turn the heat into low volume until it is cooked. 

6. Wait for 3 minutes and then serve it for your meal.

Pandan leaf is available to buy in your near public market. It is quite affordable and a very natural fragrance. 

Pandan leaf has its special cure, it helps to low the level of high blood.

Every one knows that the price of rice is increasing so, people will force to buy cheaper price of rice.

But if you cook the cheap rice with pandan leaf, you can experience eating it’s like the expensive rice such as Jasmine rice and Ganador rice.

I bought my rice at 30pesos per kilo.

So every one must be very practical to buy rice, it is not needed to eat high quality rice, as you observed in restaurants the rice they cook for the customer was not good in quality and they price it 16pesos with the little quantity. 

How to make dessert rice with peanut recipes

Biko with Peanut Recipe


Grated Coconut- 1pc.
Sticky rice/ pilit rice- ½ kilo
Brown sugar- ¼ kilo
Banana leaves
Peanut- 125grams

 Cooking Instructions:

1. To make coconut milk, add 3 cups of water to grated coconut then squeeze well to extract the juice, then last is, filter the juice to get the pure coconut milk.

2. Wash the sticky rice and drain the water, add another cups of water measure the amount water is ½ inch from the top of sticky rice. Apply heat in a medium volume; let it boil to cook until the water drain. Do not cover the pan.
When it is done let it cool and transfer the cooked pilit rice into a plate.

3. In a big pan, add the coconut milk apply heat in a medium volume.

4.  Then add the brown sugar, mix it well until the coconut milk become sticky.

5.  Add the peanuts and continue to mix until peanut is cooked.

6. Add the cooked sticky rice or pilit rice. Use big ladle to mix, continue mixing until it is done.

7. Lastly, transfer the cooked biko to the plate with banana leaves.
    Make any form or design of the recipe to serve at the table.
    Dessert is now ready to eat with your family.

It is best when you cook the pilit rice put 1 piece of pandan leaf, to add more fragrance.

Buy grated coconut at the public market because it is always fresh and very affordable.

If you want your biko recipe be colorful, you can add red sugar and it is available also at the grocery store or public market.

 The use of banana leaves will add fragrance to your recipe.

This dessert is great to serve during holy week and New Year’s Day. It is also good to serve during fiestas and weddings.

 From the left is the banana leaf, to the right is pandan plant.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Why Is Fat Important in a Diet to benefit for health

 I read information from the book of Low fat low cholesterol and it was clear in my mind how important to know the fats in my diet.

Fats is useful in our body, there is no need to take out all fats contains, because fat is a valuable source of energy that gives a person a strength to do his every day works. Fats also help to make the food more delicious to eat.

On the other side, it is not good to eat more fatty food because it develops diseases such as heart disease, cancer and obesity. To maintain low fats especially saturated fats it has good benefits to your health and it helps to lose your weight.

An average intake of 2000 calories daily it must limit only 30% of energy, and only 600 calories from the average daily calories. Each gram of fats provides 9 calories; your total daily intake should not excess 66.6g fat. Your total intake of saturated fats should not excess 10% of the total calories.

How Saturated fats works and benefits in our body?

Saturated fats- are fats which it should be reduce; it develops the level of cholesterol in the blood.

All fats in foods are made of building blocks of fatty acids and glycerol.
There are two kinds of fats; saturated and unsaturated.
The unsaturated group is divided into two types; polyunsaturated monounsaturated fats.

Fatty Acids are made up of chains of carbon atoms. Each atom has one or more free bonds to link with the other atoms, so the fatty acids transport nutrients to cell throughout the body. This bond is useful and important because the atoms can form any links and helps to process the fatty acids into energy, not store as fat into the body.

Main Sources of Saturated fats

1. Animal products- such as meat, fats from butter and lard that is solid at room temperature.
2. Vegetables products origin- coconut and palm oils and some margarine and oils, which are processed by changing some of the unsaturated fatty acids to saturated ones it is labeled “hydrogenated vegetables oil” and should be avoided.

Polyunsaturated fats- those of vegetables or plant origin (omega 6) such as sun flower oil, soft margarine and seeds (omega 3). Small quantities of these fats are good for health and help reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Monounsaturated fats- have beneficial effect of reducing the blood cholesterol level. This fat are found in food such as olive oil, rapeseed oil, nut such as almonds and hazel nuts, oil fish and avocado pears.

Most processed food products contained hydrogenated vegetables oil. Limit to buy processed goods because it is dangerous to your health if too much eating this food. 

Cook with natural ingredients to keep you healthy. Although, it is not really bad to eat and buy processed food but try to limit it. Balance your diet as always.

This book have lots delicious recipes to learn, from the title itself, ingredients are healthy.

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