Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Methods to cook low fats and or fat- free

Wine or fruit juice

When you cook like grill, bake, microwave or steam foods use wine or fruit juice to replace oil.

Buy quality cookware

There is available quality cookware in department stores, the price is expensive but it uses will last long if you take good care of it.

When making sauces

If you use ground meat, dry the meat to golden brown, drain off all the excess fats, before adding the other ingredients. If it needs to add oil for cooking, choose which is high in unsaturates such as corn, sun flower, olive or rapeseed oil. Use little if possible.

When baking low fat cakes

Use good quality bake ware, which doesn’t need to add oil before use or use non-stick baking paper and only lightly grease before lining.

When baking foods

Such as chicken or fish, try to bake the food in a loosely sealed parcel of foil or greaseproof paper. Before sealing the food, add wine or fruits juice, herbs and spices.

When grilling foods

Fat is often unnecessary. If the food shows sign of drying, brush with a small amount of unsaturated oil such as corn oil and sun flower.

Microwave foods

Fat is rarely needed. Just add herbs and spices for extra flavour and colour.

Steaming or boiling foods

It is easy fat- free cooking method especially foods like vegetables, fish and chicken.

Poaching foods

Cook the food such as chicken, fish and fruit in stock or syrup. It is another easy fat-free cooking method.

Braising vegetables in the oven

Add low fat or fat-free stock, wine or water and add herbs.

To Sauté Vegetables

Add fat-free stock, wine or fruit juice.

To Cook vegetables in a covered saucepan

Add little water over a low heat; vegetables can cook its own juice.

Marinate foods

Such as meat or poultry, mix it with an alcohol, herbs or spices and vinegar or fruit juice. This will tenderize the meat and add flavour and colour. The marinade can be used to moisten during cooking.

Serving vegetables 

Such as boiled potatoes, carrots or peas, add or sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs or ground spices. Avoid adding butter or margarine.


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