Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crispy Pork Adobo Food Recipe

Pork-1 kilo
Salt-1/2 tablespoon
Cooking Oil- 500ml

1. Chop the pork in square form small size. Wash with water.
2. In your cook pot put the chopped pork and add water level of meat.
3. Bring to a boil wait for 20minutes and separate the meat from the boiled water put it in plate.
4. Heat your frying pan and then add more or less 500ml cooking oil then add the pork.
5. Cover the whole frying pan. And leave it for 10minutes then turn off the flame before you get the cover because the cooking oil will spread out if the flame is still on. Mix the meat then cover and turn on the flame again.
6. You must follow the instruction in number 5, until you’ll see the meat will become brown and crispy.
7. Serve immediately with papaya atchara.

To be creative that makes you a unique person. To be a cook is not an easy task to because it needs time and perseverance.
Mostly in special occasions people will prefer to celebrate at the restaurant because they think to eat at the restaurant is special, but do you know that the more you choose to celebrate at home, the more you can really experienced 100% freedom because you can prepare whatever you like and you can choose the food you really want. In restaurant you can choose the only available menu and sometimes it is not there, tendency you are forced to eat the food you didn’t like but in fairness there are restaurants the food is delicious but really expensive though. In my opinion, to eat at the restaurants is quite cool because there different kinds people to see eating but it advisable not to eat with many people involve. Restaurant is great for the couple it is kind of date style. At home, you can buy whatever food you like to cook but it really needs time and plans for every ingredient of recipes you want to prepare and the setting of your home just put some decorations to feel something have different environment or instead of eating inside you try to eat at your terrace. Try to be more creative and you will enjoy.

Thank you very much!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Beef Loaf with egg Burger food Recipe

Beef Loaf- 1 big can
Egg- 1pc.
Burger bread- 6pcs.
UFC ketsup sauce
Hot and spicy sauce
Mayonnaise or Sandwich spread
Cooking Oil

1. Open the can of Beef Loaf and take out the meat inside and then chop in thin circle.
2. Scramble the egg put little bit salt to have taste mix the chopped beef loaf into the scramble egg
3. In your pan put cooking oil apply heat then cook the chopped beef loaf with mixed egg, the heat must be low until it becomes light brown.
4. Heat the burger bread a little bit then put the mayonnaise into the bread and add the cooked beef loaf into the burger bread. It is good if it is hot.
5. Put Ketsup and Hot n spicy sauce. Serve immediately.

Cheese Dog Homemade Burger Food Recipe

This recipe is best for breakfast because it contains a lot of proteins and carbohydrates. It is great that your morning starts more proteins.

Cheese dog- 1/4 kilo
Cheese dog bread-6pcs.
UFC ketsup sauce
Hot and spicy sauce
Mayonnaise or Sandwich spread
Cooking Oil
1. In your pan put cooking Oil apply heat then cook the cheese dog.
2. Heat the bread a little bit; put mayonnaise or sandwich spread then add the cooked cheese dog.
3. Add UFC ketsup and hot and spicy sauce lastly the lettuce.
4. Serve immediately with juice.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rice soup with Fish Ball and Asparagus Vegetable Food Recipe

Rice soup has Filipino name of lugaw or puspas. This food is good for breakfast with bread or spam either burger steak.

Rice…1 cup
Fish Ball…1/4
Star Margarine…1tablespoon
Cooking Oil

1. Wash the rice. Set aside.
2. Heat cooking oil and fry fish ball and once it’s light brown turn off heat. Set aside.
3. In your pot apply heat and put cooking oil then adds star margarine and chopped garlic and onions.
4. Add the rice and the cooked fish ball and combine all ingredients add more water as long as the rice will become cooked rice.
5. Do not cover the casserole pot in full while it is boiling.
6. Always mix the soup rice with fish ball to avoid the rice not to stick in a pot.
7. If it needs to add more water, it is fine but gradually until rice is cooked.
8. Add chopped asparagus the and pepper, salt and ajinomoto to have taste and finally serve immediately while it’s hot.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mungbeans or Monggoes Sprout with Longanisa Carrots food Recipes

Bean sprout or in Philippines called Tauge, is one of the affordable vegetables you can buy at big store and at the market. It is a healthy food, easy to cook.

Tauge or Bean sprout---1/4 kilo
Cooking oil
Soy sauce

1. Wash the tauge and put it in a clean plate.
2. Peel garlic and onions then chop in small pieces.
3. Peel longanisa and chop in small or in thin form cirle.
4. Heat cooking oil and add garlic and onions wait until it become brown.
5. Add the chopped longanisa, combine and put soy sauce.
6. Then add the ½ cup of water let it boil.
7. After that, add the bean sprout with carrots.
8. Add salt and ajinomoto to have taste.
9. Turn off the heat and put it into the plate.

Try this recipe and you can save a lot. Please be reminded that you can use another ingredients not only longanisa but also Tuna, Fish Ball and Squid Ball please follow the same steps. Good luck everyone! Thank you.

God Bless Us!

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