Friday, November 5, 2010

Beef Loaf with egg Burger food Recipe

Beef Loaf- 1 big can
Egg- 1pc.
Burger bread- 6pcs.
UFC ketsup sauce
Hot and spicy sauce
Mayonnaise or Sandwich spread
Cooking Oil

1. Open the can of Beef Loaf and take out the meat inside and then chop in thin circle.
2. Scramble the egg put little bit salt to have taste mix the chopped beef loaf into the scramble egg
3. In your pan put cooking oil apply heat then cook the chopped beef loaf with mixed egg, the heat must be low until it becomes light brown.
4. Heat the burger bread a little bit then put the mayonnaise into the bread and add the cooked beef loaf into the burger bread. It is good if it is hot.
5. Put Ketsup and Hot n spicy sauce. Serve immediately.


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