Saturday, December 26, 2009

Recipes of Fruit Salad

All purpose cream-1pc.
Fruit Cocktail-1 big can
Pineapple chunks-1 can
Condensed Milk-1can

1. Mix all purpose cream and condensed milk.
2. When you combine the fruit cocktail, pineapple chunks and kaong be sure not to include the juices, only the fruits to all purpose cream and condensed milk.
3. Mix all of it and put inside the refrigerator on the freezer area.
4. Wait until it is frozen and then ready to serve.

Tips: You can add more different kinds of fruits as you like.
Have wonderful holidays! Good luck!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Flying Fish Recipe

Kinilaw na Isda

Flying fish-1/2kilo
Onions- 1piece
Ginger- 1piece
Vinegar- 200ml
Tomato- 4pieces
Calamansi- 4pieces
Fresh Chili Pepper-6pieces

1. Clean flying fish take off the fins, scales, head, inside stomach and fish bones.
2. Cut the flying fish into small sizes.
3. Peel Ginger, Onions and mince.
4. Wash tomato and chop.

Cooking process:
1. In a big bowl with chopped flying fish add ginger, onions and tomato.
2. Add Salt and ajinomoto to have taste.
3. Add Vinegar to cook the chopped flying fish and mix.
4. Taste it then add Calamansi juice and tiny chili pepper.
5. Wait 5 minutes before serving.

Step1: Buy sour vinegar because it is the number ingredient of this recipe.
Step2: Always Squeeze out the remaining water from the flying fish.
Step3: It is advisable that the cooked rice is not hot. Let it cool first before serve with raw fish recipe.
Step4: Raw fish is great when eating at the beach.

I hope you have a good time!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Homemade Beef Soup Recipes

Beef… ½ kilo
Sibuyas dahunan…
Ajinomoto or Magic sarap…

1. In your kettle put water and beef meat.
2. Broil it until the meat is tender.
3. Add Butig or bisol then ginger, sibuyas dahunan or garlic and wait until butig is tender too.
4. After that, add petchay.
5. Put salt and ajinomoto to have taste.
6. While it is hot add pepper to have to have taste.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fried Octopus Recipe


Cooking Oil
Soy sauce


1. Chop octopus as your desire size.

2. Heat  the pan then put the chopped Octopus and wait until it will squeeze water.

3. Drain the octopus.

4. In another pan saute garlic and onion then fry drain octopus.

5. Put vinegar and soy sauce then mix well.

6. Put salt and ajinomoto to have taste.

7.Add black pepper.

This is really delicious recipe.
Be careful to those who have allergies.
Good luck!

Friday, August 14, 2009

How to Cook Chopsuey

A healthy food for Filipino!


Green bell pepper
Soy Sauce
Cooking Oil
Chicken Meat
Corn starch or all purpose flour
Ajinomoto or Magic Sarap

Cooking Instructions:

1. Chop all the vegetables and combine all.

2. Peel and mince garlic and chop chicken meat in small cut pieces. Heat cooking oil in pan when it is hot put garlic followed by chopped chicken meat then add little vinegar and soy sauce mix it add little water with little cornstarch.

3. Put all the combined vegetables into the pan mix it. If it is needed to add water do it.

4. Wait until it is boiling and then add salt and magic sarap for taste. Set aside.

I hope you enjoy your healthy meal! If you have any suggestions please leave your comments. Thank you very much!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fish Sweet and Sour Recipe


Fish- 1/2 kilo
Cooking Oil
Green bell pepper-1pc
Carrots- 1pc
Pineapple chunks-1 small can
Soy sauce or Patis
All purpose Flour-1/4 kilo
Ketsup|Tomato sauce

Cooking Instructions:

1. Add soy sauce in fish to have taste then coat fish with flour.

2. In your pan heat cooking oil then put the coated fish and fry wait until its color brown. Set Aside.

3. Cook the chop carrots in another pan put a little water wait for 3minutes. Chop Green bell pepper.

Combine Carrots, Green bell pepper and Pineapple chunks and separate the juice of Pineapple chunks.

4. In your big bowl combine Ketsup|Tomato sauce, Pineapple juice, Sugar, Vinegar, Water, Salt and flour to make sticky stir and heat it in your pan wait when it's boil.

5. Add the combined carrots, green bell pepper, pineapple chunks into the sauce wait for 1minute. Taste your sauce or add some salt or vinegar it depends on your taste. Set Aside.

6. In your big plate soak fish with the sauce and serve while it's hot!

Tips: Always be creative in preparing new food recipes and enjoy your day. Thank you!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Batchoy Soup Recipe

Pancit canton
Chicken meat-1/2kilo
Magic sarap or Ajinomoto
Cornstarch or Oatmeal

1. Boil Chicken meat for 5minutes. Peel out several tiny pieces of chicken meat. Don't throw the chicken soup. Set aside.
2. Cook garlic and onions then add chicken meat. Mix it.
3. Add the chicken soup and carrots wait for 3minutes.
4. Add beat eggs mix it, then add pancit canton & tiny pieces of cabbage.
5. To make the soup thicker add some oatmeal.
6. Put some salt and magic sarap or ajinomoto to have taste.

It's done!

Enjoy your breakfast!

Thank you...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recipe for Eggplant Dishes

Eggplant-1/2 kg.
Ground pork-1/4 kg.
Soy sauce
Magic sarap or Ajinomoto
Cooking Oil

1. Wash eggplant and chop.
2. In your pan fry garlic & unions then add the ground pork and mix it.
3. Put some vinegar not much then add soy sauce and mix it.
4. Add chop eggplant then mix.
5. Add water not much then mix until it's cooked.
6. Add Salt and magic sarap or Ajinomoto. Set aside.

I hope you had a wonderful day! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you my dear readers!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Made Hamburger Recipes


Ham (choice only high quality ham)
Cheese (not melted)
Bread (this is the burger bread you can buy in stores, check for expiry dates)
Ladies Choice Best foods sandwich spread  (there are variety of flavors, but I love the tuna spread):

Delmonte Ketsup|Banana Ketsup
Lettuce (for safe, you should double check the quality of lettuce), home garden grown is the best.

Cooking Oil

1. Cook fry ham with cooking oil. Set aside.
2. Prepare all the ingredients Lettuce, Cucumber & so on..
3. Put sandwich spread in bread followed by ham, lettuce, cheese & cucumber. It's up to you how many ham you want to put in bread.

It is so simple. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! Good luck!

Tips for best results:

1.) A delicious ham is preferred.
2.) Put more cheese while the ham is hot because the cheese will start to melt in the burger and not in your mouth. Melted cheese is very delicious.

An alternative choice:

1.) There are a lot of ingredients that are not present in this recipe, I would recommend you should try the following:

a.) Adding tomatoes.
b.) Adding beef burger steak

2.) This is a very healthy recipe and its best paired with either a coffee, softdrinks, iced tea ,etc.

Knorr Soup Recipes

Introduction: This is one of the healthiest vegetable soup you can make at a very low price. One of my favorite dinner Filipino foods. Enjoy!


Chicken Knorr broth cubes (shown above)

a.) Cauliflower

b.) Green and red pepper

c.) Carrots

d.) Cabbage

c.) Petchay (Snow cabbage)

And finally...some flour and salt.

1. Put 1liter water in your pan, add 1pc knorr broth cubes, and boil.
2. Chop vegetables into small pieces, combine all put vegetables in boiled water and stir.
3. In your bowl combine water & flour, then add in vegetable soup and stir.
4. Taste the vegetables soup and add some salt. Set aside.

Thank you for your time!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to Make Fried Rice Recipes


1.) Left over rice cooked rice...- actually this should still taste good and not spoiled. Sometimes when you are cooking rice, there will be excess after the meals (such as during dinner)

You can reuse it on the next day (during breakfast)  by making a fried rice recipe.

2.) Garlic...
3.) Eggs...
4.) Cabbage...
5.) Sibuyas...
6.) Magic sarap..This is how magic sarap would look like. This is very common in Philippines:


6.) Cooking Oil...
7.) Soy Sauce...


1. Put cooking oil in a pan then heat it.
2. Fry garlic, sibuyas. When it's brown put cooked rice mixes it.
3. Prepare eggs then mix it to the sinangag na kanin | kan on.
4. Put Soy sauce into the sinangag.
5. Chop cabbage into small mix it to sinangag na kanin.
6. All the ingredients are combined, finally put magic sarap to have taste.

Have a nice breakfast!
Thank you!

When you should eat fried rice?

1.) Fried rice is perfect post workout food after any aerobic exercise.

Ultra marathon- Long runs athlete at aerobic speed

The primary reason is that fried rice contains carbohyrates and protein, very ideal for glycogen replenishment after any exercise.

2.) Ideally designed for breakfast but you can also eat this during your lunch and dinner. If you are at time and want to reduce your carbohydrate intake. You can choose fried rice.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Native Vegetables Soup Recipes

"Utan Bisaya with fish Filipino food recipes"

It is good to prepare these recipes preferably in the morning because our body
needs a lot of water.


Gabe ("taro" in English); this is how it looks like:

Sekwa ("sponge gourd" in English"); this is how it looks like:

Malunggay ("Moringa" in English)
Alugbate or Spinach
Fish- 1pc

1. Fried the fish first. Set aside.
2. Peel the gabe and chop it into small pieces, wash it.
3. Put the chop Gabe in the kettle then add water.
3. After 5minutes put the chop squash, eggplant & sekwa.
4. Wait for 10minutes add the fried fish & alugbate.
5. Then add only the malunggay leaves.
6. Put Salt and Ajinomoto. Taste it. Set aside.

Tips: This recipe is best for dinner time. Take note that:
1.) If you peel the fish meat and mixed it with the soup, be careful of sharp fish bones and this is often a problem in utan bisaya recipes.

2.) Buy only fresh vegetables from the public market.

3.) This is a very healthy soup because of the mixture of several vegetables. Avoid over washing the vegetables after peeling them because it can drain out its vitamins and minerals.

4.) This recipe will still taste good if you avoid using Ajinomoto for seasoning as long as there is salt on it.

Thank you.
Thank you. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to Cook Adobong Manok Recipes

Kindly estimate the quantity of the Ingredients of this recipe.
wine- any kinds of
Orange-Only skin of orange grind
Chicken meat-1kilo
Soy sauce/patis
Vinegar-not much
Brown sugar

1. Boil the Chicken meat in water. Make sure the water is label with the meat.
2. Prepare all the ingredients while the Chicken meat is boiling.
3. When the chicken is tender, get the meat from the boiled water and cut it into small.
4. Take out the water inside the kettle and place the chicken meat.
5. Put together all the ingredients and put also all the spices like Garlic, Onions, Vinegar, Wine, Brown sugar and Salt a little.
6. Once it is done combine and mix all of it.
7. Heat again wait it will boil. Every now and then taste it to make sure if it is okay.
8. Last put the skin of the ground orange( not much). Set aside.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ground Beef and Vegetable Recipes

1/2kilo-Ground beef
Soy sauce|Patis
Cooking Oil
Ajinomoto|magic sarap

1. Cut the carrots, potato and sayote into tiny pieces mix all of it.
2. In your pan put cooking oil after a while add garlic then onions wait when it's brown,
3. Add the ground pork or ground beef put some vinegar do not mix.
4. After 2minutes put soy sauce or patis and mix well.
5. If the meat is color brown add all the vegetables (carrots, potato and sayote) mix it again.
6. Wait for about 10minutes adds salt,ajinomoto or magic sarap to have taste. Set aside.

You are done!

If you have some trouble regarding my procedure please contact me.

Thank you!


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