Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fish Sweet and Sour Recipe


Fish- 1/2 kilo
Cooking Oil
Green bell pepper-1pc
Carrots- 1pc
Pineapple chunks-1 small can
Soy sauce or Patis
All purpose Flour-1/4 kilo
Ketsup|Tomato sauce

Cooking Instructions:

1. Add soy sauce in fish to have taste then coat fish with flour.

2. In your pan heat cooking oil then put the coated fish and fry wait until its color brown. Set Aside.

3. Cook the chop carrots in another pan put a little water wait for 3minutes. Chop Green bell pepper.

Combine Carrots, Green bell pepper and Pineapple chunks and separate the juice of Pineapple chunks.

4. In your big bowl combine Ketsup|Tomato sauce, Pineapple juice, Sugar, Vinegar, Water, Salt and flour to make sticky stir and heat it in your pan wait when it's boil.

5. Add the combined carrots, green bell pepper, pineapple chunks into the sauce wait for 1minute. Taste your sauce or add some salt or vinegar it depends on your taste. Set Aside.

6. In your big plate soak fish with the sauce and serve while it's hot!

Tips: Always be creative in preparing new food recipes and enjoy your day. Thank you!


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