Thursday, February 12, 2009

Native Vegetables Soup Recipes

"Utan Bisaya with fish Filipino food recipes"

It is good to prepare these recipes preferably in the morning because our body
needs a lot of water.


Gabe ("taro" in English); this is how it looks like:

Sekwa ("sponge gourd" in English"); this is how it looks like:

Malunggay ("Moringa" in English)
Alugbate or Spinach
Fish- 1pc

1. Fried the fish first. Set aside.
2. Peel the gabe and chop it into small pieces, wash it.
3. Put the chop Gabe in the kettle then add water.
3. After 5minutes put the chop squash, eggplant & sekwa.
4. Wait for 10minutes add the fried fish & alugbate.
5. Then add only the malunggay leaves.
6. Put Salt and Ajinomoto. Taste it. Set aside.

Tips: This recipe is best for dinner time. Take note that:
1.) If you peel the fish meat and mixed it with the soup, be careful of sharp fish bones and this is often a problem in utan bisaya recipes.

2.) Buy only fresh vegetables from the public market.

3.) This is a very healthy soup because of the mixture of several vegetables. Avoid over washing the vegetables after peeling them because it can drain out its vitamins and minerals.

4.) This recipe will still taste good if you avoid using Ajinomoto for seasoning as long as there is salt on it.

Thank you.
Thank you. Hope you enjoy!

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