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Thanks for your interest in writing a guest post. We always love to read content sincerely created for the purpose of sharing knowledge and skills in culinary, health & fitness. Below are the benefits of writing a guest post:

1.) Your author profile will be shown at the end of the post.
2.) You earn an editorial link to your blog or website.
3.) You will earn referral traffic from my blog to your website.

Below are the steps in submitting a guest post:

Step1.) Submit an idea to write to
Please put the subject "Guest post Idea".

We love to hear articles and posts regarding the following topics:

1.) Filipino cuisine
2.) Health tips
3.) Culinary techniques
4.) Restaurant reviews

Make sure the post idea is interesting so that there will be higher chances of approval.
Once you receive confirmation about your idea, you can begin writing.

Step2.) The post should be at least 600 words with at least two pictures (you should have rights to use this pictures).

Include a 100 words maximum for "about the author". Include the URL of your website, description and anchor text.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure your website is highly related to this blog so that your content will be approved for publishing. We do not link to unrelated websites. If your website is spammy in nature or does not have substantial original content; your guest post submission will be declined.

Step3.) Email your guest post to with subject line "Guest post submission".

Step4.) We will then be editing your guest post. Make sure your content is purely original and your content will be rejected in the editing process if we find it to be copied from other websites. If you are including pictures with your post which you do not have rights, make sure to put "photo credits: owner name".

Step5.) We will notify you once we published your content. If we are happy with your content, you can be invited as one of our contributors (so re-submit more than one content) and will be listed in the "Contributors" page which will be created later on.

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