Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Easy to Cook Filipino Style Beef Recipes

Delicious beef recipes


1/2kg Beef, sliced thinly
3pcs Lemoncito/Calamansi
Soy sauce
Evaporated milk
Knorr Beef Broth Cube
Lemon grass

lemon grass


1. Marinate beef with lemoncito/Calamansi and soy sauce for 30minutes. Set aside.
2. Heat margarine in a pan and fry marinated beef until brown. Add onions.
3. Sprinkle flour and cook for 2minutes.
4. Add milk and put Knorr Beef Broth Cube. Simmer for 2minutes.
5. Chop the lemon grass into very tiny details and sprinkle it to the beef while in the pan with moderate heat.
6. Stop the fire once you smell the fresh aroma of lemon grass.

Serve with hot rice. And it will not only smells good due to lemon grass but very delicious.

Update: August 11, 2011

Additional Cooking Tips:

1.) For best results, marinate up to 4 hours. This will significantly improve the taste of the beef because the marinating ingredients would penetrate to the beef meat very well.For even better results, you can marinate overnight by placing it on your refrigerator. I have observed this to a great factor in significantly improving the quality of the results.

2.) Soy sauce is my personal choice since I am more adopted to it when cooking. But if you have Worcestershire sauce you can as well use it when marinating beef.
sauce for marinating beef

3.) You can as well try frying the marinated beef with canola oil and the results would taste great and less fatty in my experience.

Enjoy your day! Thank you for your time.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lechon Kawali Recipe

lechon kawali recipe
Simple recipes for all of us.


Pork belly
Chili pepper (for sauce)
Cooking Oil
Lemoncito (for sauce)


1. Cut pork belly in normal size, place in your big pot, and cover with water, add garlic, pepper and salt.
2. Boil it with a low volume of fire and simmer wait until the meat is tender.
3. Drain.
4. Deep fry and wait until you'll see the brown color of the meat. Set aside.

Now see the results of your hard work. It's time to eat Lechon Kawali with your loved ones.

The following are the important quality tips to get the best results in cooking lechon kawali:

1.) Use cooking oil designed for deep fry. There are a lot of cooking coils that can do this. A good example is canola and vegetable oils. These type of oils can withstand very high cooking temperatures which is ideal for deep frying.

Vegetable oil

2.) Use proper cooking utensils when deep frying. For example this deep fryer (ideal for cooking large amounts of lechon kawali):

deep fryer
Credits: Ian Wallace
3.) Use only the highest quality pork sold in reputable meat shops.
4.) Maintain stable temperature in the deep fry. The optimal cooking temperature for lechon kawali is when you dropped a tiny of breading mix to the cooking, it should turn brown in 60 seconds.

5.) Try not to cook to much meat at once, this will lower the oil temperature thus affecting the quality of the results.

How to make a sauce of Lechon Kawali:

Please combine all the ingredients (Soy sauce or patis, Lemoncito, Chili pepper ( not applicable for kids). If you have time please visit my other simple recipes here . Thank you so much for your time. And enjoy your day.

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