Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to Make Fried Rice Recipes


1.) Left over rice cooked rice...- actually this should still taste good and not spoiled. Sometimes when you are cooking rice, there will be excess after the meals (such as during dinner)

You can reuse it on the next day (during breakfast)  by making a fried rice recipe.

2.) Garlic...
3.) Eggs...
4.) Cabbage...
5.) Sibuyas...
6.) Magic sarap..This is how magic sarap would look like. This is very common in Philippines:


6.) Cooking Oil...
7.) Soy Sauce...


1. Put cooking oil in a pan then heat it.
2. Fry garlic, sibuyas. When it's brown put cooked rice mixes it.
3. Prepare eggs then mix it to the sinangag na kanin | kan on.
4. Put Soy sauce into the sinangag.
5. Chop cabbage into small mix it to sinangag na kanin.
6. All the ingredients are combined, finally put magic sarap to have taste.

Have a nice breakfast!
Thank you!

When you should eat fried rice?

1.) Fried rice is perfect post workout food after any aerobic exercise.

Ultra marathon- Long runs athlete at aerobic speed

The primary reason is that fried rice contains carbohyrates and protein, very ideal for glycogen replenishment after any exercise.

2.) Ideally designed for breakfast but you can also eat this during your lunch and dinner. If you are at time and want to reduce your carbohydrate intake. You can choose fried rice.

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