Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Made Hamburger Recipes


Ham (choice only high quality ham)
Cheese (not melted)
Bread (this is the burger bread you can buy in stores, check for expiry dates)
Ladies Choice Best foods sandwich spread  (there are variety of flavors, but I love the tuna spread):

Delmonte Ketsup|Banana Ketsup
Lettuce (for safe, you should double check the quality of lettuce), home garden grown is the best.

Cooking Oil

1. Cook fry ham with cooking oil. Set aside.
2. Prepare all the ingredients Lettuce, Cucumber & so on..
3. Put sandwich spread in bread followed by ham, lettuce, cheese & cucumber. It's up to you how many ham you want to put in bread.

It is so simple. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! Good luck!

Tips for best results:

1.) A delicious ham is preferred.
2.) Put more cheese while the ham is hot because the cheese will start to melt in the burger and not in your mouth. Melted cheese is very delicious.

An alternative choice:

1.) There are a lot of ingredients that are not present in this recipe, I would recommend you should try the following:

a.) Adding tomatoes.
b.) Adding beef burger steak

2.) This is a very healthy recipe and its best paired with either a coffee, softdrinks, iced tea ,etc.


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