Saturday, April 7, 2012

To make palitaw with glutinous rice recipe


Glutinous rice flour-500grams
Grated coconut-1/4kilo
Refined sugar- 1/4kilo
Water-1 cup

Cooking Instructions:

1.  Mix glutinous rice flour with 1cup of water, if it is needed to add more water put little by little. Make sure the finished mixed glutinous rice flour is dry.

2.  Take a little amount of mixed glutinous rice flour and form a circle and then flattened the circle shape. Make it all flattened circle shape.

3.  In a big pan add 4 cups of water, it let boil and while it is boiling add the flatted circle glutinous rice flour.

4. To make sure that it is cooked; just wait until the circle glutinous rice flour floats.

5. Take it cooked glutinous rice flour out from the boiling water and put it in a big plate.

6. Put cold water to the cooked glutinous rice flour to let it cool.

7. Cook remaining flattened circle glutinous rice flour with the same instructions.

8. When all are done and cool, put the cooked glutinous rice flour in another plate, to let it dry.

9. Mix the cooked glutinous rice flour one by one with refined sugar and then mix it with the grated coconut.

10. If you want more sweets add refined sugar on the top of the glutinous recipe flour.

Glutinous rice flour is a powder made from sticky rice. It is available to buy in any big grocery stores.

Grated coconut must be fresh because once, it is bought the day before, it smells not fresh.

The cooking instructions is long, the best thing to easily understand is to identify the keywords.

If you are business minded person, you can make large of quantity of this recipe and sell it to your neighbors at 8-10pesos each.

I believe this recipe is so popular in other countries.

This recipe is called palitaw in Philippines, and it is good to eat in the morning, with hot cocoa chocolate.


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