Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To eat high fats food is easy than to do daily exercise is difficult: Don’t be a loser fight to burn your fats!

There in fats food are delicious to eat.
Food is everywhere because we eat everyday and the demands are too many. Before you eat, ask yourself if it is a healthy food and decide not to eat if it is give risk to your health.

There are a big percentage of fat people than those with normal weight because once fats food is not being use it will store in the belly. Don’t dare to let the fats stores in your belly, it destroys your beauty. You will always be beautiful if you are fit.Why is fat important because it is the source of energy.

The disadvantage when you’re fat is your day is not productive. Fat people want to sleep and rest because of the fats in your belly or in any parts that store of the body. After you eat your meal you feel sleepy and instead you have lots of work to do, your eyes will close and you’ll sleep.

When you wake up, you feel hungry again because the food that you eat was digested; you eat again until all the fats stores all over your body. Is it really what you want to live unhealthy? Or you stand up and burn your fats.

Try to observe real rich people like entrepreneurs they are fit, and they are not fat because they are busy of their business. And if I were you, if you have problem with controlling your eating habits try to divert your mind into other things that makes you enjoy.

Like for instance, playing with kids and or pets, gardening, playing your favorite sports, reading books, playing instruments and the most important make a habit that will burn your fats.

Accept your weakness that you can’t escape to eat fats food like butter, margarine, hard fats found in beef and pork. Pies, whole milk, cream, hard cheese, lard, salad dressings, fried food, fried chips, French fries, crisps, tortilla chips, fried snacks, chocolate cakes, muffins, doughnuts, sweet pastries, biscuits with chocolate flavored.
These foods are so yummy!
Wait! You can eat all these but challenge yourself to burn the fats! If not you are as big as a Bear!

The reason why people don’t miss to eat meal, to stay alive! To live in this world is a challenge to survive not to eat to become fats. To eat in a healthy way is to live longer. Fat or obsess people die early at their 40’s-50’s years of age because of heart attack.

Do you want this happen to you?

You make money to buy food for you and your family, just to make sure that you buy and eat healthy food or else your money is going to buy medicine.

Medicine is expensive than the food you eat and to think it is a waste of money. Your hard work is not effective because the minerals you mine are not intended for a better purpose.

Instead of having a great plan with your family to go for a vacation; it is being postponed due to health condition.

It is not easy to maintain healthy food to eat due to have a busy work. As long as the stomach must fill in food it is fine. Like for instance, a sales clerk in a bakery they don’t usually cook food at home, because anytime they can eat bread. As a result of eating bread always the belly stores lots of fats.

This woman is my big sister, she is currently working as sales clerk in Julie’s bakes shop and now it has new name Mang Tinapay.

I am concern of her health because she had two little children and she told me that she had arthritis and her one hand can not feel. I weighed her she is 79-80 kilos and her height is only 5’0 so, she is over weight.

One time I challenged her to go exercise and once her weight decreases I gave her money as a reward, I did that for her strong motivation that time she was excited but she did not made it because after her work she lied down and sleep.

Fortunately, she is healthy now because my mother is always cooking vegetables soup and she is eating well. I do hope that someday she will realize how important to take good care of health.

Guys if you want change make it now or else you will regret for the rest of your life. Being fat is not bad but obesity is a sin because God made you to be a healthy person not a sick one.


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