Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Recipes for Pork filipino style cooking

Ginamay of pork meat

Lean pork meat- 1kilo
Gabi vegetables-1pc.
Cooking oil- 3tablespoon
Tomato Ketchup- 6table spoon
Vinegar- 2table spoon
Soy sauce- 4table spoon
Onion- 1pc.

Cooking Instructions:

1. Cut pork meat in cubes. Separate the fats parts.
2. Peel carrots and gabi vegetables and cut in cubes shape.

3.  Peel garlic and mince, then chop onions.

4. In your big pan apply heat and add cooking oil, add fat of pork to fry and squeeze all fats and when it is done, set aside.

5. In the same pan, remove a little amount of cooking oil, and then add minced garlic and onions to sauté.

6. Add the lean pork meat turn heat over medium volume, and mix.

7. Add vinegar wait for 2 minutes, then add the soy sauce then mix again.

8. Add chopped carrots and gabi vegetables, and add 1 cup of water to cook the vegetables.

9. When pork meat and vegetables becomes tender, add the tomato ketchup, and then mix again.

10. Last, taste the recipe and then add salt and pepper.

11. Serve immediately.

In this recipe you can add lemon grass soup. Instead of ordinary cups of water you substitute it to lemons grass soup.

To make lemon grass soup just boil the lemon grass then use the soup for this recipe.

Always buy pork meat at your public market at early in the morning, to avail the fresh meat.

This recipe is best to prepare during fiestas, weddings and birthdays. Increase the amount of pork when you buy to have supply of needs of your visitors.

When you serve keep the hot recipe to preserve the freshness. 



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