Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to make dessert rice with peanut recipes

Biko with Peanut Recipe


Grated Coconut- 1pc.
Sticky rice/ pilit rice- ½ kilo
Brown sugar- ¼ kilo
Banana leaves
Peanut- 125grams

 Cooking Instructions:

1. To make coconut milk, add 3 cups of water to grated coconut then squeeze well to extract the juice, then last is, filter the juice to get the pure coconut milk.

2. Wash the sticky rice and drain the water, add another cups of water measure the amount water is ½ inch from the top of sticky rice. Apply heat in a medium volume; let it boil to cook until the water drain. Do not cover the pan.
When it is done let it cool and transfer the cooked pilit rice into a plate.

3. In a big pan, add the coconut milk apply heat in a medium volume.

4.  Then add the brown sugar, mix it well until the coconut milk become sticky.

5.  Add the peanuts and continue to mix until peanut is cooked.

6. Add the cooked sticky rice or pilit rice. Use big ladle to mix, continue mixing until it is done.

7. Lastly, transfer the cooked biko to the plate with banana leaves.
    Make any form or design of the recipe to serve at the table.
    Dessert is now ready to eat with your family.

It is best when you cook the pilit rice put 1 piece of pandan leaf, to add more fragrance.

Buy grated coconut at the public market because it is always fresh and very affordable.

If you want your biko recipe be colorful, you can add red sugar and it is available also at the grocery store or public market.

 The use of banana leaves will add fragrance to your recipe.

This dessert is great to serve during holy week and New Year’s Day. It is also good to serve during fiestas and weddings.

 From the left is the banana leaf, to the right is pandan plant.


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