Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fresh pancit with lemon recipe


Fresh Pancit-1/4kilo
Lemon-1 pc.
Black Fungus- 50grams
Cooking Oil- 4 table spoon
Soy sauce- 10ml
Brown sugar- 2 tablespoon
Garlic- 1pc.
Onions- 1pc.
Black pepper-1 teaspoon

Cooking Instructions:

1. Wash fresh pancit to avoid its saltiness.

2. Wash and chop black fungus.

3. Peel carrots and chop in thin size, and also peel garlic then mince and chop onions.

4. Heat big pan then add cooking oil to sauté garlic and onions.

5. Add black fungus mix and then after 2 minutes add chopped carrots then mix.

6. Add soy sauce mix again, and then add cups of water to cook enough with black fungus and carrots.

7. Touch the carrots and black fungus if it is tender. If it is needed, add more cups of water and continue mixing.

8. Once the vegetable becomes tender, add the fresh pancit and mix well.

9. Add brown sugar mix again and then taste.

10. If it needs salt put a little or add soy sauce and then add black pepper.

11. Turn off the heat and then slice the lemon and then squeeze to extract the juice to the cooked pancit then mix.

12. Put some fresh lemon at the top of the pancit. Serve immediately.

Fresh pancit is available at your near public market, it costs cheap.

Wash the fresh pancit with hot water because it fasts to remove the salt taste.

Black fungus needs more time to cook and to becomes tender so; add cups of water if it’s needed.

Don’t drain your pancit to avoid the vegetables will stick on the pan.

This recipe is best during lunch time with hot rice with pandan leaf.


David Franklin said...
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MJM said...

This serving is good for 3-4 persons. Fresh Pancit contains lots of carbohydrates, so if you eat too much your stomach will quickly become full.
Thanks for your time.

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