Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fried Chicken Recipe

Fried chicken

Chicken drum stick...
Breading mix...
Cooking oil...
Banana ketchup...

Wash the chicken drum stick well.
Place drum stick into the plate or plastic with the breading mix inside.
Mix well until drum stick has covered with breading mix.
In your big pan put more cooking oil heat it. Be sure that the drum stick is deep fry.
Then place the drum stick into the pan with the hot cooking oil.
Wait for 15-20mins.
When its turn brown. Set aside.
Finally eat it. It is best to have sauce like banana ketchup it can add more taste with your fried chicken.

fried chicken results

Hope I can help you. Good luck everyday. Thank you.

Update (August 4, 2011): Fried chicken is sometimes oily, I suggest for higher quality cooking you will not be reusing the cooking oil if its already used. For raw drumstick chicken select for brands known for its quality meat such as Magnolia chicken and Monterey. One of the issues with fried chicken is that if its not fully cooked there is still blood on the bones section of your drumstick. The primary cause of this problem is that either the oil is not too deep or you are not cooking it within the optimal minutes.

Cooking deep fry is very important, make sure that oil is deep and the chicken meat is completely submerged, such as shown in the screenshot below. Do not also forget to cook around 15 to 20 minutes per side of the drumstick for optimal cooking at medium heat.

Fried chicken is one of my most favorite food because it is rich in following vitamins and minerals:

1.) Proteins - chicken meat is one of the best sources of proteins.
2.) Potassium and sodium - this is an important body electrolyte
3.) Phosphorous

Although the following are the downside of fried chicken meal:

1.) Some fat and cholesterol

If you are strict in losing fats, then you might avoid some rich in fats like fried chicken and other meal.

deep fry pan with chicken


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