Saturday, August 23, 2008

Crispy pata recipe

Pork leg (pata)
One bottle 7up or sprite
Soy sauce
Cooking Oil

* Clean pork leg (pata) slit the skin be creative.
* Put the pata in your kettle.
* Add water,7UP or sprite, and salt( be sure to measure the quantity with each of them).
* Wait until it will boil and then add the baking soda ( not much).
* Add more water if the pata is not yet cooked. Don't over cook the pata. ( Not so soft to touch). When it is finish drain it.
* Wipe the pata in clean cloth to make it dry. Do your best to make the pata dry.
* Before you start to fry put soy sauce all around your pata.
* Sprinkle flour generously in pata.
* Deep fry the pata till you'll see the color of golden brown.
* Turn off the heat and take off the crispy pata from your pan.
* Put a little water in heat crispy pata to make the skin crispier.
* Congratulations you are done.

"How to make a sauce of your crispy pata"
Soy sauce
Red hot chili
Combine Lemoncito,soy sauce,onions,vinegar and red hot chili

Enjoy your meal!!! Good luck everyday!


lalaine said...

Interesting recipe. I've never tried crispy pata with 7 up before but it makes a lot of sense...I add 7 up to a lot of meats and ribs as tenderizer.

I drizzle water into the hot oil while my lechon kawali or crispy pata while this trick really does crisps the skin...

Heard your music by the way...loved it!

mj said...

hello! Thank you very much. I am really happy that you read my simple recipes and heard my music too.
GOod luck everyday!!! See you.

MG Li said...

Still have to try to cook crispy pata myself. With your easy to follow procedure, i know I can. Thanks!

Keep posting Filipino Dishes!

Happy New Year!


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