Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spaghetti food Recipes

Spaghetti recipe in Filipino style


Spaghetti pasta
Spaghetti sauce
Ground beef or pork
Hot dog
Cheddar cheese
Soy sauce
Cooking Oil


1. In a big pan add water, salt to have taste and cooking oil to avoid spaghetti pasta not stick to each other.

2. Bring to a boil, add spaghetti pasta to cook.

3. Touch the pasta if it is tender it is cooked.

4. Separate cooked pasta from the water and put it in a big bowl or Tupperware.

5. Peel garlic, onions and mince.

6. Chop hotdog in circle and thin size.

7. Grind Cheddar Cheese.

Cooking process of Spaghetti Sauce:

1. In a pan heat cooking oil sauté garlic, onions and add ground beef or pork.

2. Add some vinegar and soy sauce into the ground beef or pork and mix it.

3. When it is golden brown, add the Spaghetti Sauce and mix it.

4. Turn Lower heat. Set aside.

Combining Sauce and Spaghetti Pasta:
1. In a big bowl with cooked spaghetti pasta on the top, add hotdog slices.

2. Add Spaghetti sauce and add half of grind cheddar cheese. Mix it very well to absorb all the pasta.

3. On the top add the remaining grind cheddar cheese.

4. Serve immediately.
resulting spaghetti

Step1: Don’t over cook the spaghetti pasta.

Step2: It is good if you will add more cheddar cheese in spaghetti.

Step3: The Spaghetti sauce must be more than your spaghetti pasta.

Update (August 4, 2011): Well, spaghetti is not only limited to pork meat. You can as well mix with sea foods such as crab meat, shrimps and other delicious crustaceans such as oysters.

If you like to be Filipino style cooking, I suggest you will mix it with sea foods such as those mention above. The following are the important factors that can influence the quality of spaghetti:

1.) The brand of cheese and pasta.

2.) The amount of cheese and spaghetti sauce.

3.) The type of meat added (sea foods or pork).

I hope you had a wonderful day! Thank you for your time!


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