Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eggplant with Shrimp Bagoong Healthy Food Recipes

Eggplant vegetable plant


Talong|Eggplant- 1/4kilo
Shrimp Bagoong-6tablespoon

Soy sauce|Patis
Cooking Oil
Magic sarap|Ajinomoto


1. Fry Garlic, Onions then Bagoong in hot cooking oil.
2. When its brown put the slices eggplants and mixes it.
3. Add a little vinegar then soy sauce|patis mix.
4. Put some water wait until the eggplant turns brown.
5. Add salt and magic sarap|Ajinomoto. Set aside.

Tips to improve the taste of this recipe:

Bagoong or Sauteed Shrimp paste1.) If you are confused what is "Bagoong". It is actually a sauteed shrimp paste. To improve the seafood aroma of this recipe, you should choose quality shrimp paste. The one which is placed inside a can and not from anywhere else.

Mostly you can buy this in the mall supermarket and not in the public supermarket stores.

2.) One of the most recommended soy sauce to be used are SilverSwan soy sauce and Camel Soy Sauce. This is the leading soy sauce and the most popular sauce in the Philippines. You can buy this in any store even local sari2x stores.

3.) However if you are allergic to shrimps, you can always buy a bagoong which is not based on shrimp but fish. For example this one:

Fish bagoong

Have a wonderful day! Thank you!


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