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Malunggay with Monggo or Mungbeans Recipes

malunggay with monggo recipe


Malunggay leaves
Cooking oil
Msg or ajinomoto

1. Put the mongoes in a kettle and add water level to mongoes and cook. It takes 30minutes to make mongoes become tender and dry. Set aside and crush the mongoes.
2. In another pan put cooking oil and heat add mince garlic and mince onions.
3. Add crushed mongoes and mix then put water level with the mongoes.
4. When it’s boiling add the malunggay leaves, add salt and msg or ajinomoto to have taste.
5. Serve immediately.

Step1: When you cook mongoes don’t cover the kettle to avoid scum. Always add water until it is tender and let it dry.
Step2: Remember malunggay leaves will quickly cook in hot water. No need to apply more heat.
Step3: Soup must be hot while serving.

delicious monggos with malunggay

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Update: August 4, 2011 - Actually if you are non-Filipino you will find it hard to buy or to get to know what is "malunggay, I often received a lot of questions about this from other readers. In English, "malunggay" is also known as "moringa". Its not actually common of course in very cold countries. Moringa growns in tropical and sub-tropical climates.

Moringa is rich with the folliwng vitamins and minerals:

1.) Rich in anti-oxidants.
2.) Vitamin C
3.) Magnesium
4.) Calcium.
5.) Phosphorus
6.) Vitamin A

You can read more about the nutritional contents of moringa here:

Monggo in english is also known as "Mung bean". You can buy these in stores and of course cooking can take a lot of time to soften it. I suggest that before you can go very hungry you will need to soften this mung bean in advance in boiling water so that you won't have to wait for long minutes.

If you are cooking it immediately without having it to soften much, then you will have a hard time eating the mung bean. Mung bean is rich with the following vitamins and minerals:

1.) Phosphorous
2.) Magnesium
3.) Calcium
4.) Vitamin C
5.) Vitamin K

Mung bean can be used with different types of soup. Here in Philippines, it is much common to mix mung beans with chicken soup, fish as well as pork.

Mung bean is also very cheap for around 30 pesos you can cook it for around 3 to 5 times for a medium sized family.

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