Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fried Chicken Wings Recipes

Fried chicken wings

1 cup flour
1/2 kilo chicken wings
3cups oil for frying (see cooking oil tips below)
McCormick Korean BBQ Seasoning mix
3/4 water

1. Pour flour into plastic bag
2. Moisten chicken wings with water
3. Shake moistened chicken in the plastic bag until evenly coated.
4. Deep fry until golden brown
5. Combine McCormick Korean BBQ seasoning mix, water and cornstarch in your pan.
6. Boil it stir continuously until thick.
7. Coat fried chicken into glaze.

Tips for quality cooking and great tasting fried chicken:

1.) One of the best cooking oil for fried chicken is Canola oil. If you are planning for great tasting and less fatty results, this cooking oil is the solution. I do not heard much about Canola oil here in Philippines, but I can buy it in some big stores and malls like in SM and Ayala cebu groceries.

2.) You should heat the oil as much as possible before putting the chicken.

3.) For chicken meat, select younger chickens as they have much tender meat. Older chicken meat is hard to eat based on my experience.

4.) If you would like your chicken wings to have that brown color, you should use cast iron skillet. This is how it looks like:

Cast iron skillet for fried chicken

Finally after cooking the results would be like this:

Completed fried chicken wings
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Update: Actually if you like to have a "hot and spicy" style Fried chicken you need to add black pepper as the key ingredient. Include it in the mix above and your friend chicken will taste spicy.

ground black pepper

Thank you.


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