Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lean Pork Ginisa | Sauteed Pork Recipes


Lean pork- ½ kilo
Squash- ¼ kilo
Spinach- 1 pack
Gabi Vegetables- 1pc.
Cooking oil
Soy sauce
Salt and pepper

Cooking Instructions:

1. Wash Squash and chop in cubes.

2. Peel gabi chop in cubes.

3. Wash Spinach and take out the leaves and put in a plate.

4. Peel garlic and onions then mince.

5. In a big pan, heat cooking oil and sauté garlic and onions.

6. Then add pork to sauté with the spices, mix well.

7. Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar then mix wait for 2 minutes then add the same amount of soy sauce mix again.

8. Add chopped gabi vegetables then add 1 cup of water to cook the gabi. 

9. After 3 minutes add squash and continue to mix until the soup becomes thick,

10. Add Spinach and then add salt and pepper to have taste.


 To have tasty meat, when you saute the pork add little salt. Vinegar and soy sauce is very important when you cook meat to minimize meaty smell.

To cook gabi vegetables it must be tender and it taste good.

Over cooked squash is not good.
 Spinach vegetables contains lots of vitamins especially if you only half cook so keep the green color of the spinach.

So have a great cooking day!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Misua Noodles with Vegetables Soup Recipes

Misua Noodles- 4pcs.
Okra- 7pcs.
Gabi vegetables-1pc.
Bell pepper- 1pc.
Lemon Grass
Cooking Oil
Soy sauce
Black pepper

Cooking Instructions:
1. Wash, peel and chop all vegetables and separate.

2. Peel garlic and onions and mince.

3. Heat pan add as you desired amount of cooking oil, sauté garlic and onions, then bell pepper.

4. Add gabi vegetables continue mix wait for 2 minutes, then add eggplant.

5. Add 2 cups of water let to boil, add lemon grass and wait until gabi becomes tender then add more add water let it boil again.

6. Take lemon grass out then Add Misua Noodles mix well then the Okra.

7. Once okra is thick add soy sauce and Salt to have taste. 

8. Add Black pepper for additional hot.

Lemon grass is the secret to make your soup very delicious, make sure to take it out after the water boils because leaves is not eatable only the juice.

Slice gabi vegetables thinly to cook fast and becomes tender and it adds thickness of the soup.

Always add the Okra on the last part because it's so sticky when it is over cooked.

 Control to add Misua Noodles because the soup will drain if it has too much noodles.

Be sure to add water during the cooking of vegetables especially in gabi vegetables. 

 This soup recipe is easy to prepare and it's so healthy because of the vegetables.

Sweet and Sour Pork Recipes


Lean pork meat- 1 kilo
Cooking Oil- ½ liter
All purpose flour- 1 cup
Red bell peppers- 2pieces
Garlic-1 pc.
Whites Onions- 1 pc
Pineapple chunks-1 can
Ketchup Sauce- 250ml
Salt- ½ tablespoon
Lemoncito- 4pcs.

Cooking Instructions:
1. Wash pork and cut into cubes.
2. Place pork in a big bowl. Add Lemoncito juice and Salt. Mix well.
3. Add all purpose flour mix to cover all the meat. Leave it for minutes to stick the flour to the meat.
4. Peel Garlic then minced, chop white onions, clean and chop bell pepper, wash and chop carrots in thin size.
5.  In a big pan, heat cooking oil as you desired amount to fry the coated pork cubes. Set aside if it’s golden brown. Set aside.

6.  Reduce the amount of oil in the same pan then sauté garlic, white onions, bell pepper, and carrots.
7. Add the cooked coated pork mix to all ingredients; add the ketchup sauce then mix again to have delicious sweet and sour taste.
8. Before serving add pineapple chunks.

Fresh Lean meat is good to buy in public market at early in the morning.
Before adding flour to meat, make sure that it has salt to have taste.
To add more sour and sweetness of the recipe, add vinegar and brown sugar during the mixing of all the ingredients like spices, vegetables and ketchup.

This recipe is the best during big occasions like birthday, fiesta, weddings and etc. you save more than going to restaurant.

Cook from your heart!

Whole Eggplant with Beaten Eggs recipes


Eggplant- ½ kilos
Eggs- 4 pieces
Cooking Oil

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Wash eggplants; put it in a big deep pan with water level of the quantity of eggplants.
  2. Apply heat to boil the water, wait until the eggplant become tender. Take it off from boiled water.
  3. Peel the skin of eggplants and flatten, don’t cut the handle of eggplants.
  4. Beat eggs in a big bowl put salt to have taste.
  5. Put the peeled flatten eggplants into the bowl of beaten eggs, cover everything.
  6. In another pan, put cooking oil let it heat then cook eggplant s with eggs to fry.
  7. It is done if it is golden brown. Serve immediately.

To add more taste to this recipe, add soy sauce.
This recipe is good for breakfast with noodle soup.
Eggplant is available in grocery store at a price of 14 pesos only.
An egg is only 5pesos each.
Noodle is about 7 pesos.
You save more and you save time to cook.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dried Fish with Tomatoes Recipes

Dried Fish
Cooking Oil

Cooking instructions:

  1. Heat pan, put cooking oil as desired amount.
  2. Fry dried fish, reverse until golden brown. Set aside.
  3. With the same pan, sauté chopped tomatoes, mix well until it’s done.
  4. Put the cooked tomatoes on the top of dried fish.
  5. It’s optional, add Lemoncito or vinegar.


You can buy cheap kilos of dried fish at the public market. ¼ kilo is enough 6 person in the family.
Before you fry the dried fish, Wash it to minimize Salty taste.
Use more green tomatoes because it has more sour taste. than with ripe tomatoes. 
Dried fish recipe is great  with vegetables soup.

This kind of food is cheap so it is advantageous to those who budget. On the other side, try to think more benefits with this recipe, it is easy to make, ingredients is easy to buy and it’s less fat. If you want to stay healthy and live longer in this planet, you must eat this food.

The problems with people, who work in day job, forget to cook the simple food recipes. They just buy in the fast food chain and that makes them lazy and fat. And the worst thing they are getting sick.

Good luck and have a great day!

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