Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fresh ripe tomato with Sardines recipe

Quick and Easy to prepare during breakfast


Ripe tomato- 5pcs
Canned sardines- 1can
Cooking oil- 2tablespoon
Soy sauce- 3tablespoon
Black pepper

Cooking preparations and directions:

1. Wash ripe tomato and slice then put in a plate.

2. Peel garlic and onion, mince garlic and chop onion.

3. Open 1 can of sardines with a can opener or a pointed knife.

4. Heat pan and add cooking oil, then put minced garlic and chopped onion. 

5. When garlic and onions turns golden brown, add sliced ripe tomatoes and mix well.

6. Add soy sauce to add fragrance and taste of tomatoes.

7.  Apply medium heat, when tomatoes is cooked add the sardines and then mix.

8. Add salt and black pepper to have spicy and fresh tastes.

9. Serve immediately the food with your family.


It is good to buy hot and spicy sardines because it adds delicious tastes when you eat.

It is also advisable to add lots of ripe tomatoes because it contains vitamins for the skin.

This recipe is super easy and quick to prepare and this is so good during breakfast time.

This recipe is good when you cook rice with pandan. 


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