Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Malunggay and Spinach soup recipe with Dabong or young bamboo shoot


Dabong- ¼ kilo
Malunggay leaves-1 cup of tea
Lemon grass- 2pcs.
Spinach leaves- ¼ kilo
Eggplant- 1pc.
Salt and ajinomoto

Cooking preparations:

1. To prepare dabong; wash with hot water to soften the dabong. 

2. To prepare malunggay; wash malunggay after that take off the leaves of malunggay from the stem.

3. Wash alugbate or spinach and then take off the leaves and young stem.

4. Peel gabi and then wash after that, chop thinly in square form.

5. Wash eggplant and chop in square.

6. Wash Lemon grass and mince the root area and then knot.

Cooking Instructions:

1. In a casserole; put 2 cups of water and then add chopped gabi vegetables let it boil until becomes tender.

2. Next add dabong vegetables and add 1 cup of water to cook the dabong

3. Add lemon grass to give flavour. And by the way, make sure the level of water is with the vegetables.

4. While soup is boiling, add spinach leaves then mix and after 15 seconds, add malunggay leaves, minced garlic and onions then mix the soup slowly.

5. Add salt and ajinomoto to taste. Then serve immediately.


This soup recipe is really easy to make, though the instructions is quite long but if you already know the basic preparations in cooking, so it is simple for you to do.

Dabong is a cebuano term. In English it is a young bamboo shoot. 

To buy dabong or young bamboo shoot vegetable, it is available in all grocery stores and in public market. 

Buy dabong that is ready to cook.

When you make this recipe do not cover casserole to avoid scum. 

This soup recipe is really good with cooked dried fish.

Always serve hot soup.


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