Friday, May 11, 2012

Bihon noodles and sardines with lemon grass soup recipe


Bihon- 1/8 kilo
Sardines- 1 can
Lemon grass- 2 pcs
Cooking oil-2 tablespoon
Salt and pepper

Cooking preparations:

1. Soak bihon noodles with warm water to soften just before cooking.

2.  Open 1 can of sardines.

3. Peel garlic then mince and peel onions and chop.

4. Wash lemon grass then mince the root area and after that knot tight.

Cooking instructions:

1. In a casserole put 2 tablespoon of cooking oil to sauté minced garlic and onions.

2. When spices turns brown, add sardines and then mix until the fish will separate little by little.

3. Add 3 cups of water and lemon grass and then let it to boil. Do not cover the casserole.

4. While it is boiling, add drained bihon noodles and continue mixing.

5. It is optional to add another 1 cup of water to remain the level of soup with the bihon noodles.

6. Turn heat over low volume, while adding salt and pepper to taste.

7. Serve immediately with hot rice with pandan leaf.


Don’t forget to soak bihon in warm water because bihon noodles zip almost the water in casserole. 

Lemon grass is one of the secret ingredients in cooking soup recipe to maintain good appetite. 

Garlic and onions are basic ingredients in all recipes.

If you buy sardines, choose the spicy tastes because in soup making spicy adds hotness and freshness.

Much better avoid using too much cooking oil when you make this recipe, to keep eating healthy soup.

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don vargas said...

Jeanine nice tutorial, i really enjoyed reading it. you should write frequently..and also a create a blog for your music career.


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