Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to make Soup Sea Shell with Lemon Grass Recipe

Sea Shells- 1/2kilo
Spring Onions-2pcs.
Lemon Grass- 3pcs.
Green Chili Pepper-2pcs.
Cooking Oil- 3tablespoon
Water- 4cups

Cooking Preparations:
  1. Wash Sea Shells place on a plate.
  2. Remove the root to clean spring onions and then cut by 3 or it depends on its length.
  3. Wash Lemon grass and smash the root area and then coil.
  4. Wash tomatoes and green chili pepper and chop as your desire size.
  5. Peel garlic and onions and mince.
Cooking directions:
1. Apply heat to the casserole, put cooking oil when it’s hot place the minced garlic and onions.
2. Put the Sea shells mix well with the spices, when shells turn orange color add water. Let it boil, don’t cover to avoid scum.
3. While it’s still boiling, put Lemon grass and let the soup turns green it means the aroma of Lemon grass absorb.
4. Put the Chili pepper, spring onions and tomatoes.
5. Add Salt and ajinomoto to have taste. And Serve immediately!

 You can add your soup with any kinds of vegetables if you like, for example broccoli, cabbage, asparagus and Malunggay. Your Soup looks and taste really delicious.


kathleenjames said...

I like your recipes presentation design,so continue this work, add some more occasional Fitness Recipes on your blog.

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