Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tips on how to Cook Pasta

Pasta is good to prepare during special occasions. Others claim that pasta symbolize long life that is why it is popular when celebrating birthdays.

Here’s how to cook pasta;

1. Use a very large pan of water.

2. For 500grams of pasta will need 4liters of water.

3. Add salt and oil into the water to prevent pasta not to stick.

4. Water must be boil during you add pasta and put the pasta gradually so that the water will continue to boil.

5. Stir pasta occasionally with the use of long-handled fork to prevent pasta not to stick to the bottom of the pan.

6. Long pasta such as spaghetti should be calm to put into the water rather than to break it. Hold one end and put the other end in the boiling water.

7. To make the pasta soften, gently lower it into water until it is all immersed.

8. Water must boil rapidly while pasta is cooking.

9. Do not cover the pan.

10. Use the fork to test the pasta if it is cooked, get one piece of pasta. It is should be firm but tender.

11. Dried pasta usually takes 8-12minutes.

12. Drain pasta into a colander or big strainer.

Keep making delicious food. God bless you.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tips on how to Fry Meat and how to Prevent it from Splattering

It’s yummier when we see crispy food like fried chicken, Lechon kawali, fish and beef because of it’s being crispy and it’s also easy to eat by the use of hands. It is proven that fast food chains have a lot of customers than restaurant because of the quality of food and therefore, people like to eat dry food.

To prevent meat from splattering,
1. Remove moisture from meat by using paper towels.
2. Before frying you may coat the meat like pork, chicken, beef and fish with flour or cornstarch. Coating acts as a protective shield to make the meat dry and prevent it from its oily.
3. Be careful to move smoothly the meat into the oil.
4. Do not apply Salt before frying. Salt draw moisture to the skin of the meat and disperse flavor.
5. Maintain oil at high temperature to avoid oily food.
6. When fry a meat do not force to cook within one batch and do it at a time to maintain the temperature of the oil.
7. Place the cooked food in wire racks to allow the excess oil. Don’t cover the food.

This technique is really simple to conform. I hope you have a wonderful time preparing your meals.

Source: Source: Kulinarya: A guidebook to Philippine Cuisine.

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