Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to make Binignit | Healthy Sweet Soup Food Recipes

Camote | sweet potato- 1/2kilo
Ripe Saba Banana- 5pieces
Landang | Palm flour - 1/4kilo
Sago- 1 tea cup
Coconut milk-500grams or Grated Coconut use only 1 piece of raw coconut
Brown sugar- ½ kilo
Pilit Rice | Sticky Rice- ¼ kilo
Ripe Jackfruit- 1 tea cup

Cooking Preparations and Directions:    
1. Peel camote | sweet potato. Wash and cut into square size by 1 inch thickness.
2. Peel Saba Banana and cut thinly.
3. Wash landang | Palm flour using filter to trap all small particles.
4.      Wash Sago. This product is kind of colorful small circle sizes.
5.      Using raw coconut to make milk this is how it works, just put 1 tea cup of hot water and 1 glass of tap water in grated coconut and then squeeze it many times to produce more milk, after that squeeze once more to let the milk out and then separate the grated coconut from the milk. Filter the milk again to trap the tiny matter and squeeze the remaining grated coconut.
6.      In a big casserole place pilit rice or sticky rice and put water that level to the amount of the rice. Boil until it will become tender.
7.      In the same casserole, add the chopped camote or sweet potato and landang or palm flour add more water just above the level to the amount of rice, camote and landang.
8.      After 10 minutes add Saba banana and sago. Just estimate the level of soup if it is still enough, no need to add water, just mix it to prevent the sticky rice will stick into the casserole.
9.      Later, check the Saba banana and sago if it is cooked, right after that, add the coconut milk, jackfruit and the brown sugar.
10.  Mix it for 1 minute to contribute the sweetness of sugar and the coconut of milk. Let it boil.
11.  Taste it and serve immediately.

Tips: Once again this recipe is good for light meals, very useful to those who have their balance diet. Binignit is a Cebuano term or Filipino language. In Philippines there are lots of language and Cebuano | Visayan language is one of those varieties. Cebuano means CEBU. I am just explaining to let those people especially from other countries to know the meaning of the words that I used and to prevent confusion for everybody.
This recipe is quite simple and a very healthy because the ingredients are mostly all natural, except the sago it is processed, but it is healthy.
If you have more questions to clarify please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll answer quickly.


Anonymous said...

I just love this recipe...specially if it has lots of colorful sago...thanks for having this posted!!

darlinxx said...

yum.. thanx for the recipe ;)

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