Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Krua Thai in Cebu- My Dining Experience

SM Krua Thai

One of the great restaurants I’ve tried in Cebu is the Krua Thai. After a good dining experience in one their SM City Cebu branch, I found out that there is a high similarity between Thai foods and Filipino style recipes. I am not sure if this is really the case, maybe they add some Filipino taste. My companion was my husband and we decide to eat at this restaurant because it feels nice and wanted to try some new taste of Thai cooking. Actually these are the foods that we order (as I’ve remembered) from the menu (sorry for not posting a picture, not bringing a camera on that day):

a.) Crispy Pata b.) Spicy Prawn Soup c.) Fish soup d.) Lots of Rice e.) Some Beers f.) Green Mango Shake g.) Others... forgotten.

The total cost is around 900 ~ 1100 pesos for the two of us. In fact, it was one of the biggest orders we made in a restaurant and are no leftovers. After all, I am greatly satisfied with the quality of the foods they served despite the cost. I consider myself a heavy eater and probably if you are medium eater, you can average at most 350 pesos per meal at Krua Thai.

I do not know probably it’s cheaper outside SM for some other branches of Krua Thai. In Lapu-Lapu City, there is a Krua Thai branch in Marina Mall MEPZ 1. It’s near the airport road. This is the map:

There are also branches in Banilad located in this map:

Banilad Krua Thai

This is actually located in the BTC (Banilad Town Center) near Gaisano Country Mall in Banilad.

What are the good things that I’ve experienced with Krua Thai?

1.) Once you get inside they are very friendly and attend to your orders very well. 2.) They provide suggestions to the equivalent Thai food to your favorite Filipino foods. For example Crispy pata is actually Kha Moo Thod; although you can also look at the menu pictures. 3.) The waiters are very knowledgeable about the menu.

Recommended occasions for dining at Krua Thai:

1.) Dining out for anniversary. 2.) Birthday party (they offer some free foods for birthdays, just ask the waiter). 3.) Date night with your love one. 4.) Small family dinner.

I think it will be very expensive for a large family and probably their prices would change. So I would opt to look for a cheaper alternative. And also take note that this restaurant is ranked #20 out of 75 restaurants in Cebu reviewed by Trip Advisor. See more details here:



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