Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jin Ling Green Tea China Review- An Inexpensive and Healthy Beverage

Green tea is always my most favourite beverage at any time of the day. If you want to know why I love Green tea more than any other drinks:

JinLing Green Tea China a.) It contains a strong anti-oxidant called polyphenols. This works by killing cancer or malignant cells in your body. It also kills the chemicals responsible for various diseases in the body as well as aging.

b.) Polyphenol will also lower the cholesterol level. If you have lower cholesterol level, you have a healthy cardiovascular system and lower the risk of heart disease/stroke.

c.) Strengthen your immune system and fight against common virus like colds. Green tea is rich with L-theanine, a chemical responsible for strengthening the immune system.

d.) It will rehydrate your body naturally without bombarding your body with sugar and other elements – comparing to other beverages like soft drinks which are sweet. Green tea is almost comparable to water except that it has its own unique aroma/smell after brewing.

e.) It makes you sleep better. Green tea contains only a very small amount of caffeine; a chemical that will prevent you from sleeping well at night. If you want some heavy dose of caffeine because you do not want to feel sleepy; you can try drinking a pure black coffee (no sugar).

f.) It is cheaper than most beverages. A single bottle of 250ml soft drinks cost around 10pesos but a green tea bags cost less and with even more health benefits.

I bought Jin Ling Green tea at Fooda Supermarket Consolacion Cebu. It roughly cost around half the standard and popular Lipton Green Tea. Well even though different brands of green tea are available, all teas comes from the same plant called: Camellia sinensis

This is how the Green tea plant looks like:

Also the approach of creating a green tea is similar regardless of any brand. This is created by drying the leaves and putting in the tea bags. The only difference with black tea (which is also popular) is that green tea is unfermented and requires less processing. This makes green tea, a more natural form of tea. Since it contains less processing; it has more anti-oxidants compared to black tea.
I have also tried Lipton green tea which is more popular but expensive, comparing it to Jin Ling Green Tea:

- It is a cheaper green tea alternative.
- It has richer and natural green tea aroma after opening lifting the bags from the hot water.
- It tastes great and natural (like water).

How to Prepare Jin Ling Green Tea for Beverage

1.) Put one tea bag into a cup.
2.) Pour very hot (boiling water is ideal) water to the cup.
3.) Lift the bags continuously for 3 minutes so that the tea can be brewed and mixed with the hot water.

4.) It is ready to be served and no need to add sugar or milk.
For best taste, you can only use the bag once. In my observation, I drink tea at least twice a day and the package of tea bags can be consumed in less than 2 weeks.


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