Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crispy Banana Rolls | Turron Recipe

Saba | ripe plantain bananas- 24pcs.
Fresh jack fruit- 1/2cup optional
Lumpia wrapper- 24pcs.
Cooking Oil-2cups
Brown | Refine sugar

  1. Peel bananas. Slice each piece in half lengthwise, then each half slice into three strips lengthwise. It must be 10cm.
  2. Slice jack fruit into strips. Thin slice only because it only gives flavor to lumpia.
  3. Cut each spring roll wrapper into 4 small square pieces.
  4. On each square of wrapper, put one banana strip on one edge, then 1 or 2 strips of jackfruits beside it. Roll towards the opposite side to create a small cylinder. Seal the end with a paste made with equal parts of flour and water.
Cooking Instructions:
  1. Heat the pan and pour the oil. Make sure that the oil is not too deep to prevent the wrapper will not open when frying.
  2. When you fry the rolls it must be in medium heat around 3-5 minutes, turning occasionally. When pale golden in color, sprinkle with brown | refine sugar to caramelize.
  3. Remove turron into the tray rack to drain excess oil. Let it cool to allow some space between rolls.

Turron is great rolled as thick as thumb because the oil will penetrate inside in order to cook the ripe banana and jackfruits and to make crisper taste. The Jackfruit tree bears fruit only once a year yet; there is available bottle jackfruit for sale in department store. If bottle jackfruit is the option, use only the fruit not the juice. Also about the sugar, refine sugar is okay  to use when sprinkling the rolls as long as it will caramelize and further to that the purpose of sugar is to add more sweet tastes of the rolls because lumpia wrapper is salty, so sugar must be important. Lastly, the recipe is nice in dessert and snacks preparation especially, in big occasions like fiesta, birthday, wedding and many more. It is natural after eating salty food the visitors will find sweets so; in order to save more money turron is the best solution to satisfy the need of the sweets.Once again, to buy cheap ingredients, it is advisable to go the super market or public market because there you will find the most cheapest food.


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