Friday, August 5, 2011

Making the Perfect Filipino Style Brewed Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular refreshment drinks even to Filipinos. This recipe is the Filipino style of brewing coffee. I think the only difference with this procedure between those Western styles of brewing coffee are the type of coffee brands or granules used. Most western coffee products are cultivated and bought in their own country. In Philippines, there are also some coffee beans which are cultivated in the Philippines. Well you know that Philippines are a tropical country so I believe there are differences in how they actually taste. If you love coffee and you would like to get the most out of your brewer then this recipe is for you. This is how it is done:

Tools used:

Coffee brewer (preferably the small one which can brew one at a time) – actually this coffee maker is affordable. In Philippines, I bought it at 350 pesos last 2 years ago and it is still working well today.

This recipe is only good for one serving of coffee. Although if you are using a large capacity coffee maker you can as well as implement the steps in this tutorial by using ratio and proportion.


Quality coffee granules – I recommend Great taste strong coffee because of its strong aroma smell and taste. You can as well use other great quality brands such as Nescafe and Blend 45 which are popular brands in Philippines.

Distilled water- it is highly important that you will use distilled water and not tap water. It is because based on my experience, tap water does not taste well when brewed. It’s high presence of other chemicals such as chlorine can corrode the parts of your coffee maker. In addition to some corrosion, it can introduce other problems like chemicals residue sticking to your coffee maker.

Procedure for Excellent Brewing:

Step1.) In most coffee makers there is a limit regarding the maximum water amount. Since this tutorial is for one cup only, I will put water up to that limit. If you are confused about that limit, all coffee makers have indicators up to what level you can put water into it. You should not exceed that limit because it affects the quality of your coffee and also it can shorten the life of your coffee maker in the long run.
In a single serving, the maximum limit is one cup of coffee. It should not exceed the limit as indicated in your coffee maker. If it exceeds that limit, then the cup you are using is too big. Some coffee makers will provide a cup that you will use.

Step2.)Put coffee in the canister. This is the trickiest step. Most coffee makers also have indicators up to what level you can put the coffee powder. In a coffee maker with single cup capacity, put ½ full tablespoon of coffee granule to it. Remember this is for one cup of coffee only. For large capacity coffee makers, you can actually use ratio and proportion.
½ full tablespoon: 1 cup

Step3.) Start brewing or turn on the coffee brewer. Some coffee brewers have time limit until it will complete. You can refer to the instructions provided by the coffee maker manual.
Step4.) It is recommended to drink the coffee fresh after brewing because this is where the taste is so good. If you have cream, you can add it immediately. Personally I do not add cream and sugar when making coffee because I love its natural taste.


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