Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to Make a Perfect Anlene Chocolate Milk Drink Snack?

Anlene chocolate milk is one of the best sources of protein and calcium. This is very ideal for both young and old looking to solve the deficiencies with these two important minerals.

As you might already know, calcium is used as the building block for your bones. This is very essential to make your bones strong. As you aged, your bones will become weaker and the risk for osteoporosis increases. Osteoporis is very common in old adults. Daily calcium can solve this problem and Anlene is one of the best milk sources for this mineral.

Even though you are not old, you still need to have an ample supplement of calcium. For example, if you are a running athlete, the risk of having a foot injury will increase due to stress fractures. By having a daily supplement of calcium from Anlene chocolate milk can solve this deficiency issue and you will have stronger bones.

This short recipe snack is my secret for making a perfect Anlene chocolate drink.

Serving size: 1 full glass of Anlene chocolate milk

What you need:

Anlene chocolate milk powder
Clean Ice cubes (from Distilled water)
Distilled Hot water (not boiling as long as its hot, its OK)
Cold distilled water.


1.) Put 3 to 4 tablespoons of anlene chocolate powder to the glass.
2.) Put hot water up to ¼ of the full glass.
3.) Stir the chocolate powder until it is entirely dissolved in the hot water.
4.) Put ice cubes to the glass until it fills up the glass to about ¾ full.
5.) Pour in cold water until its nearly full.
6.) Stir it and wait for 2 to 3 minutes until the ice starts to melt and the water changes from hot to cold.
7.) Stir again for the last time and you can now drink your delicious Anlene chocolate drink.


There is really no need to add sugar and its not recommended. At 3 to 4 tablespoons, the anlene taste reasonably sweet.

Also it is recommended to drink the Anlene immediately while its so cold and the ice is still melting because this is where it taste so good. If you drink it later on, most of the ice would melt and lots of water can dilute the taste.


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