Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to maintain body fitness with cooking and eating good food

Fruits, vegetables and meat are food that is essential for the good functions of our body. To eat fruits alone is not enough because our body has different needs, vegetable and meat is also important because;

1. Meat is more on protein and this is good for who are engaged in physical exertion yet in mental exertion it has limits. For instance, farming exerts lots of energy from the body in a form of sweats. If a farmer lacks protein he might not survive to work in long hours. Even they eat lots of protein fats will not stay in their body because once they exert physically it will melt through sweat. That is why also most of the farmers are slim. While those who work in the office as managers, supervisors and CEO are mostly fat because they buy Good food and it is fatty. In cooking butter, oil, cheese and other fatty foods are ingredients of good cooking. Also, their physical exercise is limited due to their condition in setting position and instead of walking or take a bus they have cars to drive. In Life there is always balance to keep on healthy; it’s either in lower or upper class. What is money if it has a fat body? There is big a problem if exercise is not included in a schedule.

Nutritious fruits
Lots of vitamins in fruits
2. Fruits are natural resources; it is easy to eat and is not expensive. Unlike, artificial liquid fruits in a bottle contain of substance yet, it can not harm to our body though. Always remember that, to cook and eat good food it is always from natural sources and that it is raw. Processed foods are less vitamins and minerals. Minimize purchasing fruit juice because it makes you fattier. If natural fruit is limited it is better substitute the juice to water because water it is healthier than juice.

root crops and green leafy vegetables
squash is good for eyes, sweet potato delicious natural snacks
3. In vegetables there are two types; root crops and green and leafy vegetables. Root crops like, sweet potato, cassava, taro and etc. These can be substituted food to cook and eat in snacks time instead of biscuits, chocolates, noodles. Root crops are very healthy substitute food. While in leafy vegetables like water spinach, spinach, malunggay, sweet potato leafs, cabbage, sayote, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, white and yellow squash, broccoli and etc. There are lots of ways on how to cook vegetables in delicious style. To cook it is good to fry vegetables with little meat.

Keep on active not only in mind but also in physical. Cooking is one kind of physical exertion. Good food comes from the combination of natural food resources.


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