Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Filipino Homemade Taho Recipe-Complete Guide for this Delicious Snack

Taho is one of my most favorite snacks here in Philippines. It is rich in proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates. It is also moderately sweet unlike other snacks available. In this recipe, you will learn how to create taho in your home. It can be fun to do and once you fully learn the concepts of making this snack, you can even start a business out of it.

What you need:

Soft Tofu- you can go to a supermarket or in malls and look for soft tofu. Tofu is made from soybeans already cooked and grinded. Make sure it is soft and before you will use it in Taho, warm it a bit by putting it in a microwave over. The color of this is white. This is how it looks like:

soft tofu
Credits: cdnlayer.com

However, if you cannot find a soft tofu; you can always buy a tofu which is not soft. So you will need to soften it using the following steps:

1.) Steam it. If you do not have steamer, you can stack the hard tofu over the boiling water. The steam from the boiling water will make the tofu soft. This is how it is configured:

steaming soft tofu

2.) Make sure the tofu will not touch the boiling water.
3.) Constantly check the tofu for its texture. Once it's soft, stop the fire immediately and use it for taho while hot.

If you love a little adventure, you can try creating the tofu itself. Since buying tofu in malls or supermarket is not ideal for mass producing taho due to its cost. You can try cooking the soft tofu yourself. The raw ingredient is soya beans grinded until it will become powder like( using a blender). This is how soya beans would look like:

soy beans for taho

It is then cooked in hot water constantly stirring then the soy milk is sieve and separated from mixture. It is then applied with a coagulant which will form into a soft tofu. Refer to the link for details.

Sweet vanilla – taho will not be fully complete without its sweet vanilla. Basically the main ingredient of this is brown sugar.

Credits: dvo.com

Below are the details on how to prepare this:
a.) Heat just a little water in a saucepan.
b.) when its boil, pour in reasonable amount of brown sugar.
c.) Stir it to mix the sugar very well until the color turns darkish.

Sago pearls – this is very common in Philippine supermarket. This is the same sago pearls used in cooking binigkit which is popular during Lenten season. To prepare:
a.) Buy sago pearls, enough for what you need.

sago pearls
Credits: jamieoliver.com

b.) Boil some water and cooked sago pearls until it is softly warm. (Around 30 to 45 minutes)
c.) Put the sago pearls in another plate, ready to be mixed with the rest of the taho ingredients.

Finally create the taho:
1.) Take a glass.
2.) Put some soft tofu over it to around ¾ of the glass.
3.) Pour in sweet sugar vanilla over the glass.
4.) Pour sago pearls over it until the glass is full.
5.) Mix it thoroughly until the sago pearls, vanilla and tofu are well mixed.
6.) Enjoy your delicious and hot taho!

delicious hot Filipino taho


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