Saturday, August 13, 2011

Effective Foods and Exercises that can Prevent Common Colds

Philippines is a tropical climate with both hot and rainy seasons. Common colds is very common in this country, you can find it anywhere in schools, home, office and all around you particularly in public utility vehicles. I did some research on what foods and exercises that can be used to prevent common colds. It is surprising that you can easily buy these foods and also perform these exercises conveniently. I have tried all the tips illustrated here and do NOT get infected with common cold for 6 months already or taking a single cold medicine. Here we go:

What to Eat in your Daily Meal?

1.) Eat moderately any foods with rice everyday. It is because if your stomach is empty; your body will become weak which makes you susceptible to common colds. If you are asthmatic and allergic, avoid eating those foods that can trigger an allergy.

The best foods to eat in the Philippines which can help prevent colds are hot native chicken soup, oyster soup and fish soup. These foods are rich in zinc which are vital components in strengthening your immune system. It is recommended you eat one of those soups on your daily meal. Example this is an oyster soup:

oyster soup for common cold prevention

2.) Drink a lot of water everyday even if you are not thirsty!

What to Eat in your Snacks?

1.) You should eat fruits rich in vitamin C. The most recommended is orange! It only cost 10 pesos per piece for a very large Sunkist orange. I usually buy a lot of these in a public market. At least everyday you have to eat one piece of this orange.

orange sunkist fruit

2.) If you have some extra money although this cost some more, you can buy Tropicana orange fruit drink. It cost around 18 to 20 pesos per bottle. It is a very refreshing orange drink.

3.) Eat at least one avocado per day. You can refer to my favorite raw avocado snack recipe. This fruit is rich in Zinc. Sadly avocado is not available throughout the year.

4.) You should eat some peanuts. Peanuts is also rich in zinc but not as abundant as avocado. You should eat raw peanuts because its unprocessed and the minerals are still not washed or cooked away.

5.) You should drink black or green tea. The most recommended brand is Lipton. You should drink one to two cups of tea everyday. Black tea contains theanine which is an essential chemical that can boost and develop your immune system. Do not drink any weight loss tea as they do not contain theanine. Avoid coffee by the time you start sneezing, instead bombard your body with tea and fruits rich in vitamin C and zinc. I find this to be very effective in preventing common colds right away.

What to Exercise?

Most health doctors recommend at least 180 minutes of aerobic exercise per week. Example of aerobic exercise includes running, swimming and cycling. Aerobic exercise improves your blood vessels and capillaries which in turn supplies the necessary nutrients and minerals to fight any invading cold virus throughout your body. Aerobic exercise thus improves your immune system. You can read more about how to do aerobic exercises here.


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