Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dried Fish Recipe Breakfast Special

Dried fish is a very delicious food common in Philippines. The primary reason why its so abundant in my country because most people lived in islands where this is one of their main diet and living (e.g. selling dried fish). It is rich in sodium, omega-3 with a bit of calcium and iron. Combined with eggs, this food will now be rich in protein. I would like to share to you this recipe because its one of my most favorite breakfast meal and a healthy one.

The following are the main ingredients:

4 pieces of dried fish – medium sized

medium sized dried fish
Image credits: hsaba

Note: Actually there are different kinds of dried fish, feel free to buy any type. But I suggest you will select the medium sized one as shown in the above screenshot.

2 pieces of eggs
4 tomatoes
1 spring onion
1 or 2 red onion
2 or 3 garlic

Below are the steps to cook this recipe:

1.) Wash the dried fish in tap water. The primary purpose of this is to remove excess salt covering the dried fish body during preservation. If you do not wash it, the dried fish taste too salty. The correct way of washing is to use the faucet and let the water fall directly to the body of the dried fish and wash it. It is not advisable to put the dried fish in a water pan because it can dilute too much of its salt thus depleting its precious mineral contents like salt, calcium and iron. Do not over wash it, as long as you feel the salt minerals covering the body will be removed.

2.) Put the washed dried fish somewhere to dry it a bit.

3.) While the dried fish is dried naturally, beat an egg.

4.) Prepare all spices and tomatoes by slicing it. Then mix it with the eggs. Mix it properly until all ingredients are in the egg mix.

5.) Prepare and heat the frying pan ,put a bit oil it (not too much).

6.) Now, fry the dried fish first. When the color starts to change to slighter deep brown, flip the dried fish on its other side so that it will also be cooked.

7.) Put the eggs to the frying pan evenly across the dried fish covering the entire pan area.

8.) Slow down the fire a bit. Wait until it is entirely cooked.
dried fish with eggs
Image credits: phobucket

Tips for more delicious results:

1. Selection of the best quality dried fish is very essential for getting a delicous results. If you have selected a dried fish that is too salty then washing it can hardly remove the entire salt.

2.) Don't overcook the dried fish before putting the eggs because it will not taste good. By the time you put the eggs, the dried fish will be smashed into pieces in the frying pan because of heat.

3.) Do not cook in too much fire because it can stick the eggs and fried fish harder to the pan especially if you put too little oil on it.


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