Monday, May 9, 2011

Chicken Caldereta Recipes

Chicken drumsticks, breasts or wings-1/2kilo
White Potato- 2pcs.
Sweet Potato-1/2kilo
Soy Sauce- ½ teacup
Vinegar-1/2 teacup
Bay Leaves-1pc.
Brown Sugar-2tablespoon
Black Pepper
Chili hot pepper
Cooking Oil

1. Bring to boil chicken meat in 5minutes. Drain the meat and cut chicken in two to make it more. Don’t throw the stock because later use it for additional water.
2. Peel white potato, sweet potato and wash then cut not so thick in rectangle size. Next, peel garlic and onions then cut in small.
3. Heat wok or pan then add 3tablespoon of cooking oil let it heat and add to cook bay leaves, garlic and onions
4. Add chicken meat then white potato and sweet potato mix and add 1/2teacup of soy sauce and vinegar mixed again next, adds stock to cook the potatoes.
5. Let it boil and check the potatoes if it is tender, turn low heat then add salt and brown sugar to taste.
6. Add black pepper and chili pepper to maintain the greatness of smells and hotness of the food. Serve immediately.

Tips: It is really good if you put more soy sauce and vinegar because it is the secret of the recipes it tastes sour and salty plus the brown sugar with the sweetness of the chicken Caldereta Recipes.


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