Monday, April 11, 2011

How to make Fried Crispy Crabs Recipes

Corn Flour-1/4kilo
Cooking Oil

1. Wash Crabs and cut with its fingers.
2. Roast the crabs by its juice apply in a low heat temperature.
3. When its cook put in a big plates.
4. Break the eggs and pour the inside into the crabs and mix it.
5. Pour corn flour to the crabs make sure it covers all.
6. Heat the pan with cooking oil in medium heat to cook the crabs.
7. When it’s golden take it out put in a big plate. Serve with a with delicious sauce.

To make sauce of the crispy Crabs recipes:
In small plate, combine vinegar, salt, onions and ginger. It’s optional if you like to eat hot spicy because it is good to add chili pepper and it tastes good.


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