Monday, January 31, 2011

White Squash with Freska Tuna Hot and Spicy Soup Recipe

White Squash- 1 whole piece
Freska Tuna Hot and Spicy- 2cans
Cooking Oil

1. Peel the skin of white squash and slice by half to take off the seeds inside the squash then, chops squash into thin and elongated form. Set aside. After that, prepare garlic, onions and cooking oil.
2. In your big pan, put cooking oil then applies heat and sauté minced garlic and onions when it turns brown add white squash and mix it.
3. After a while, you will see the white squash will produce its own juice and continue mixing.
4. Add 2cups of water and wait until it boils right then, you add the Freska Tuna Hot and Spicy. Mix it.
5. While it continue boil put Salt to have taste. And Add pepper to add spicier flavor.

Note: This soup recipe is good during lunch time with hot rice and dried fish dish.
Thank you and God speed!


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