Monday, June 7, 2010

Pochero Recipe


Pork Shank
Taro – in English | Gabi or Bisol - in Visayan
String Beans
Chayote or Sayote
Ajinomoto or Magic Sarap

1. Wash Pork Shank meat.
2. Peel taro and chop thick small slices.
3. Wash Pechay and separate each leaves.
4. Cut String beans in 3inches.
5. Peel garlic, onions, Ginger and mince.
6. Peel chayote or sayote and chop it small slices.

Cooking Process:
1. In a pan put the cleaned pork shank meat and add water level of the meat.
2. Apply heat and let it boil and when water will dry add water until the pork shank meat will become tender.
3. Add taro and chayote to cook. Wait taro and chayote become tender then add the strings beans.
4. Add pechay together with the garlic, onions and ginger.
5. Put Salt and ajinomoto to have taste.
6. Serve immediately.

Step1: Always add water level to the pochero because soup it is very important of this recipe.
Step2: There are vegetables are soft and no need to apply more heat like, string beans and pechay.
Step3: Pochero recipe is good to serve hot, put some chili pepper. However, chili peppers is advisable for adult only. Kids must not include.


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