Monday, June 7, 2010

Healthy Native Vegetables Soup Recipes

Malunggay leaves
Taro bisol or gabe 1pc.
Malabar spinach
Squash 1/4kilo
Lemon grass

1. Separate malunggay leaves from the malunggay stem.
2. Peel taro and chop in small size.
3. Chop Squash the same size with taro.
4. Separate Malabar spinach leaves from the Malabar spinach stem.
5. Wash Lemon grass and fold it.
6. Peel garlic, onions and mince.

Cooking Process:
1. In your pan put the taro and add water level with the taro vegetable.
2. Boil it after 5minutes add the squash.
3. When vegetables are tender, add lemon grass, Malabar spinach leaves, malunggay leaves, garlic and onions.
4. Put salt and ajinomoto to have taste.
5. Serve soup white it’s hot.

Step1: Malabar spinach leaves and malunggay leaves are soft no need to apply more heat. It is advisable to add salt and ajinomoto right away when malunggay and Malabar spinach leaves are inside the heat pan already because it is not good if it is over cooked.
Step2: Don’t let the soup will stay longer into the heat pan, it must be transfer right away to the big bowl.
Step3: This healthy native vegetables soup recipe is good when you serve another dish “dried fish” at your table.

Thank you very much for your time!


baldy said...

this is nice because it is healthy. I'm getting into more veggie and healthy food. i'd like to try this recipe but i need to find out if i'll be able to get the native veggies that i'd be needing to cook it.and i don't know just about how much ingredients to have to put together because there is no specification or at least an estimation. if you can let me know, i'd appreciate it. awesome

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