Monday, June 7, 2010

Fish Stew Recipe

It is the first choice of Filipino food in Philippines because of the affordable ingredients and easy to cook.

Flying Fish
Msg or Ajinomoto

1. Clean fish take off the scales, gills and inside the stomach.
2. Peel garlic, Onions and ginger then mince.

Cooking Process:
1. In a pot put the cleaned fish.
2. Add minced garlic, Onions and ginger.
3. Put Salt and msg or ajinomoto to have taste.
4. Put vinegar with the level of the fish.
5. Let it boil in a medium heat.
6. When it’s boiling try to taste the soup of the fish stew if it is fine.
7. Apply medium heat, and then add little cooking oil.
8. Serve Immediately.

Step1: Choose quality fish that is good for fish stew recipe. To make sure, inquire or ask the vendor what fish it is for stew recipe.
Step2: Vinegar must be sour because it is one of the important ingredients.
Step3: Avoid to add water because it will decrease the sour taste of the fish stew.
Step4: Cooking Oil is one of the secret of this recipe. Don’t miss to add to the fish stew.

God speed everyone! Thanks.


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