Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buy fresh food at grocery and market tips

Vegetables- When buying vegetables at the market look first the colors. Each vegetable has different colors. When at the grocery store you have to see the expiry date of the products because even if the vegetables are old stocks it’s not easy to identify the changes of its colors because of the cold temperature. It is very important to eat fresh vegetables all the time.
Meat (Pork, Beef, Chicken and Fish) - At the market meat are not really guaranteed clean because of the flies and open air. To buy wisely, meats in the market are fresh during early in the morning at 5-7am mostly those meat are new and fresh. While at the grocery store it is an advantage to buy meat because it is free from germs but, make sure you are wise enough to determine the meat if it is new or not because it is so much difficult to know. Meat in grocery store is always looking fresh but there are sometimes not.

Sweet Potato Recipe
Sweet Potato- Camote in visayan: 1/2kilo

1. In your kettle put sweet potato and add the water level with the sweet potato.
2. Boil it, cover and wait until it’s become tender. Set aside.
Do not let the cooked sweet potato stay long time in your kettle with water because it affects the taste of sweetness of the food.

I hope you enjoy this simple recipe. Good luck my guys!


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