Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Personal List of Best Tasting Ngohiong in Cebu, Philippines

If you are visiting or living in Cebu and do not know where you can eat the best tasting ngohiong, maybe you can refer to my list. This is based on my experience visiting a wide variety of food shops, eatery either in the downtown area of Cebu or in shopping malls. These are found to be the best in the city while keeping the price reasonably low. Let’s get started:

Chinese Ngohiong House in Junquera Street Cebu

Where you can locate this?. If you are already a bit familiar with Cebu streets, you can refer to the map below:

Chinese ngohiong location

It is directly in front of Philippine Christian Gospel School (refer to the red X section in the map). It is located in the Junquera Street downtown area of Cebu City. There a lot of ways to go there:

1.) You can go to Ayala Center and then board a jeepney with number 14D. This jeepney will pass Junquera Street and tell the driver to stop at Philippine Christian Gospel School.
2.) You can also board any jeepney that will pass Osmena Boulevard and then walk until you will reach the Ngohiong house. Print the map above before attempting to walk.
3.) If you are still confused, you can board a taxi and tell the taxi driver to stop at the Philippine Christian Gospel School Junquera Street Entrance.You will then see the Chinese Ngohiong store. This is how the store would look like:

Chinese ngohiong store Junquera street

Photo Credits: chetfrancisco

How much is the price? The price is very low. You can buy one ngohiong for 5 pesos and it is so big. Even big eaters like me can only consume a maximum of 3 or 4 pieces of ngohiong. The puso (rice) cost around 3 pesos each and a big eater can consume 5 to 10 puso! All in all the cost is very low. Even 150 pesos is already very BIG for two persons including drinks and other meals (they also have fried chicken and siomai). Mostly my average spend is around 30 to 60 pesos.Why it is delicious? I’ve been frequently visiting this ngohiong house for almost 12 years now and the taste of their ngohiong is still the same. Well, it’s crunchy, spicy (with their very delicious sauce) and served very hot always. Best time to eat there? I recommend visiting ngohiong house within 2pm to 5pm Monday to Friday because this is the time where there are less people.

Ngohiong Express

This is my second favourite ngohiong. It is also cheap and tasty. Luckily you can easily find a lot of Ngohiong Express branches in Cebu and Mandaue. My most favourite branch is in Mabolo Cebu just in front of PLDT office. You can ride a taxi or jeepneys bound for Ayala Center Cebu and then stop at PLDT, you can easily locate the Ngohiong express branch. This is how the branch would look like:

Ngohiong express mabolo branch in Cebu

Photo credits:

How much is the price? It’s a bit costly than the Chinese Ngohiong house overall. But the price is still reasonable. It cost around 6 pesos per Ngohiong. And the puso (rice) is around 3 pesos.
Why it is delicious? It is still crunchy and tight. Best time to eat there? Anytime in the day, this store opens 24 hours.


dodong Vargas said...

nice post jeanine.

gmingaw kos ngo hiong dah, hehe..

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