Monday, January 4, 2010

Healthy vegetables recipes

 Heart of Banana Recipe


Puso nang saging- pc
Ground Pork-1/4 kilo
Soy sauce or patis
Cooking Oil


1. Do not include hard part of the puso nang saging only when you can see its white color.

2. Cut puso nang saging into ring style 1-inch. Set aside.

3. In your kettle put water and puso nang saging then and add vinegar and salt.

4. Boil, wait until puso nang saging become tender. Separate from water and set aside.

Cooking process:

1. Heat pan with cooking oil add garlic then onions.

2. Add ground pork stir and add little vinegar then little soy sauce or patis.

3. When ground pork become brown color, add the puso nang saging and mix.

4. Add salt and ajinomoto to have taste. Set aside.

Enjoy your meal!!! Good luck everyone!

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